5 Tips to Manage and Cope With Anxiety

posted by Chris Valentine

Everyone experiences anxiety at different degrees. It all depends on how the individual can handle a situation. There are so many life challenges that could make us feel anxious. It’s even harder when it is something that is beyond our control. Being anxious is normal, but some people experience too much of this that it consumes them.

When a person feels anxious, the brain responds by putting the body on high alert. Hormones are sent to the body which mobilizes it for action. This is called the fight or flight syndrome. Short-term anxiety is okay since the body can easily return to a balance point. But chronic stress is different. In this situation, the body will try to sustain the high amount of hormones which can be unhealthy.

Most of the time, an anxious person is unable to sleep. There’s a lot to worry about, but when we overthink, it becomes harder for us to solve it, resulting in stress. Everyone has experienced this, and the only difference is how each of us handles the situation. Well, the good news is, you can do something about it.

1. Face your worries: If there’s something that makes you feel anxious, deal with it. Do it over and over again until your brain and body no longer react to the situation because it gets used to it. If it’s a troublesome thought, say it many times until it is hard to keep your mind on it. If you are afraid of riding horses, then try doing it repeatedly. At first, you would really feel anxious, but later it, it will not affect you. This is called the “boredom cure.”

2. Focus on what you can control: There are situations that you cannot control like a sick family member. Will your worries heal that person? No. Instead, think of a way that you can help him or her feel better. Avoid being anxious about things that are out of your control. Look for something that you can control and deal with it. Remember that you are not a superhero. You do not have a superpower to take control of everything. Just focus on things that you can handle.

3. Be mindful: When you practice mindfulness, you only think of the present. One reason why people are anxious is their focus on the future. Others try to predict about what will happen in the future while some worry about what may occur even if it is still uncertain. Living this way is driven by the fear of the unknown. But mindfulness will help you focus and live on the present. This way, your mind won’t be astray. Think of what is happening at the moment and avoid overthinking. When you think too much, it turns into a snowball, and in the end, everything will appear crumbling own, making you more anxious.


4. Breathe: The quickest way to regulate your body’s emotion is to inhale and exhale. Breathing exercises can give you instant relief from anxiety. One of the best technique is the abdominal or diaphragmatic breathing wherein you take a deep breath through your nose, pulling the air from the lower part of the abdomen. Doing this will cause your chest to rise. After taking as much air as you can, hold it then slowly exhale. Try repeating this two or three times. Another exercise are to focus on your breathing to calm your nerves. If your mind is wandering somewhere, counting your breath is an excellent way to focus on something else.

5. Take medication: In some cases, a person needs to take medicines to deal with it. See to it that there’s a doctor’s prescription and proper dosage is followed. This way, overdose, and other side effects can be avoided. Others prefer to take natural alternatives like CBD, which may come in different forms from drops to edibles. You can go to www.cbdcentral.com for more information about how CBD can help with anxiety.

Worrying too much will rub you of living in the moment and from being happy. You will turn positive situations into negative ones, which are not very helpful. Do not let your worries stop you from living a happy life. Most of the time, the things you are anxious about are actually false. If you stop anxiety, you can do away with its consequences like rapid pulse, less sleep, and even embarrassment. Start caring for yourself so you can avoid things that will hurt you and your health.

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