Why You Should Reward Yourself For Accomplished Goals

posted by Chris Valentine

Have you accomplished any of your goals recently? Look behind in the time and see your struggles, how much hard work you had to put into it, how many hurdles you had to pass through to reach that point. Now give yourself a pat on your back because you did it. You deserve a reward!

While working hard on goals, motivation is what keeps you going. Experts say that if you want to keep yourself motivated, break your goal into smaller stages and reward yourself after passing each stage. At the point when you’ve accomplished a goal, set aside the effort to appreciate the fulfillment of having done all the hard work, and celebrate your accomplishment.

There are a lot of ways in which you can reward yourself with little things. Let us discuss some of them.

1. Treat yourself

Go to your favorite café and treat yourself with an old top pick. As you taste the goodness of your meal, consider how much better it tastes as a treat for your hard work. Forget all the worries for a while and enjoy the moment.

2. Relax!

There are so many simple ways in which you can relax your mind and body. Read a book, listen to soothing music or do some exercise such as relaxing yoga, which helps in reducing stress and it can be done by almost everyone. It is an exercise of mind and body with controlled breathing, physical posture, and meditation. You can do this whenever you feel like you need a break, but after having achieved a goal after hard work, you deserve this type of break!

3. Buy yourself something useful

Give yourself a gift of gadgets that make your life more comfortable. There are many gadgets that can do the job such as facial massager or an aroma diffuser. If you have undergone surgeries such as ileostomy, gastrostomy or colostomy and artificial opening (Ostomy), you can also get yourself an Ostomy bag holder that can make your life more comfortable and safe. Also get an Ostomy support belt, which efficiently supports the appliances, which are attached to the artificial opening. The support belt usually wraps well around the abdomen and attaches to loops on an Ostomy bag.

4. Movie night at home

There is no better alternative to having a night in, at home, binge watching your favorite movies or tv shows with your favorite snacks within reach.

5. The controlled retail therapies

Does shopping make you happy, but you don’t like to spend too much? Give yourself controlled retail therapy, by giving yourself a target of say $50, considering it a reward for your hard work. Now spend it all just the way you would have spent the real prize money on something unnecessary or something that you have been thinking to buy for a long time but didn’t buy it for any reason.

It is always good to reward yourself after accomplishing goals. Apart from keeping you motivated, this helps in many other ways, such as relieving the stress you experienced trying to achieve your goals and allowing you to focus on your new tasks. These rewards are a little celebration of what you have achieved, which makes you a happy achiever. So, if you are working steadily, but you are unable to get satisfaction and happiness from it, then create it for yourself. Because, in the end, it is you who matters the most.

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