How to dress up as an Asian man

posted by Chris Valentine

Asian men have always been the talk of the town when it comes to dressing. They’re not just special because of their mixed skin tones but are equally intriguing because of their fashion sense. So if you’re any other man, you probably would have asked yourself about the way you would want to impress a woman.

Therefore you must do something which is out of the box and unconventional. So if you want to impress a girl you must do something different. In this article we will guide you through 4 tips you can consider to dress up as an Asian man. Keep in mind it is crucial to keep the clothing minimal and go for classy options.

1. Buy Decent clothes

Most men make a big mistake of exaggerating their looks with too much investment of clothes. The best thing is to keep everything minimal and make classy choices. When we talk about decent clothes, it doesn’t mean you have to splurge on top-notch brands. You can make any choice you want, but it should be coherent with your personality.

Furthermore you need to be mindful enough when choosing the color. If your skin tone is dark, you can light color shirts which are often available on shops for Asian men. However if your skin tone is light, you could complement something very dark.

2. Choose the right tailor

Every person has a different body type which is why you cannot expect the consumer market to have a room for everyone. If you are too large to fit in an outfit or too thin to suffice in it, you need to get tailor-made clothes from the market. However, not every tailor knows the art of designing clothes. Therefore you must choose one who has hands-on experience in work. Apart from great stitching skills, one must also possess a good sense of fashion so that naïve clients can be given proper suggestions. Befriend a good tailor so he/she can make the perfect outfit for you.

3. Pay attention to your shoes

Even if you’re wearing the best clothes on your body and have terrible shoes, you will very likely deteriorate your entire persona. Shows play a very important role in uplifting the entire personality. However if you don’t have a strong obsession for shoes you can complement brown leather shoes with jeans to make a fashion statement. If you are dressing up for an event during night, you can wear shiny shoes, but if you’re about to walk an event during the daytime, you can come up with black shoes. Make sure your shoes have a heel so your height cannot be compromised.

4. Dress according to your body type

This is the most important tip which you must consider when dressing up as an Asian man. It is crucial to wear clothes which rightly fit the body. Refrain from wearing baggy trousers and shirts which have extra-long sleeves. So if you choose an outfit which is too large for you, there’s always an option of alteration.

Furthermore you can always consider new options to try. As an Asian man, you are open to a lot of choices. So if you want to look classy, you must not exaggerate the overall look.

Lastly! Always be confident with the choice you have made. You should be comfortable in your skin and be able to walk your talk.

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