Travel hassle free & Stay connected to your Luggage

posted by Chris Valentine

In today’s there is a lot of innovation taking place in every field, it also includes designing innovative baggage services. Read more here how the online luggage storage site company Luggagehero takes the initiative to make traveling more flexible and easy for the travelers. We have a large network of hotels and retail outlets who are supporting us to provide the ease and comfort of traveling in the city. You can go out holidaying in the city without the tension of carrying the baggage from one point to the other. The service comes at a very affordable price and all you need to do is to go the website and book the service. Booking the service beforehand ensures that there is enough space to accommodate you. But there is always space available as the different sites are all connected and there is always an alternative for securely storing the luggage.

The website will give you directions on how to reach the luggage storage destination and once you reach there the staff is very caring. They will explain to you the whole process and how everything works. They charge you on an hourly basis of $1 per hour and not exceeding $8 per day. So the service is cheaper than the storage lockers available at the station. Your luggage has a security seal attached to it by the staff to ensure that no one tampers with it and the tag enables you to recognize the belongings. LuggageHero has availed the insurance service with the leading insurance companies which insure the luggage from chances of theft, damage or loss. The insurance charge is already collected by the company along with the rental. We also provide luggage transfer services where we arrange to pick up the luggage or deliver it at the desired location at a reasonable price.

Travelers are delighted with the offering of this service, which is very convenient for them to move around the place without having to carry their luggage everywhere. There are also special discounts available for travelers when you need to park the luggage for a longer-term. The online customer support will answer all your queries and you can also inform us when there is a delay in the pickup due to one reason or the other. The staff is well trained to take care of your luggage and make you feel at home.

You can always stay connected to your luggage with the application in your mobile and the online portal. You may also change or cancel the booking for which there are no charges So when you plan your itinerary there is no delay due to lack of luggage storage options in the city. There is a secure mode of payment which collects the payment securely and does not accept cash for the same. The customers can make the most of a well-managed baggage platform which is even very conducive for our channel partners. The customer care service is open 24*7 and at all days of the week, so our services guarantee a stress-free experience to the travelers.

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