Dealerships Vs Private Sellers: Where Should You Buy An RV?

posted by Chris Valentine

If you have made the exciting decision to purchase your own RV, you can rest assured that you have many great adventures ahead of you. You will be able to set off on the road at any time you would like, treating yourself and your family to quality time in the countryside.

But first you will have to actually make the purchase. There are many choices to make when it comes to caravan sales, and the main one is whether to purchase from a caravan dealership or search the ads listed by private sellers. There are pros and cons to both choices, so you will want to explore them before deciding which route to go for your purchase.

The Dealership Pros

 The first choice is the certified dealership. There are many RV dealership locations since this has become such a major lifestyle across the nation. There are many pros when it comes to dealerships, making them generally a safe option for buyers.

The first major pro is selection. At the larger dealerships buyers have the choice between many different models and sizes of RV all at the same location. This allows for major browsing where the buyer can check out a large number of models at the same time and narrow them down to a single choice.

Another major advantage is that dealerships are fully certified when it comes to quality. The entire reputation of the dealership relies on their quality guarantee, so you can be sure you are getting a quality vehicle through a licensed dealer. Each RV sold at a licensed dealership comes complete with a full history of the vehicle, a quality check, and most have servicing options as well.

When it comes to caravan sales dealerships, another of the many pros is add-ons and options. If you are looking for a specific function on a campervan, you can pay just a little extra to have it added onto the model you choose. There are many different options on offer at your average dealership that you can take advantage of as a buyer.

The Dealership Cons

There are some cons associated with shopping at an RV dealership. One is that the prices tend to be more or less fixed in place. You may be able to barter a little, but that elusive “great deal” is often way off the table at a licensed dealer and the price you see is generally the price you pay.

Another con you may want to be wary of is that lots of dealers focus mostly on top name brands of RVs. If there is a special type of RV you are looking for that doesn’t fall into a name brand category, then you may be out of luck at the dealership.

Private Seller Pros

There is nothing wrong with purchasing an RV from a private seller over a major dealership. You just have to consider some of the cons that come into play with this line of purchasing. As for pros, the major advantage here is the deals to be had with private sellers. With many individual sellers you will have the ability to work out a deal that comes in lower than the original asking price. When you consider the fact that many private sellers are already offering the RV at a much lower price than your average dealership, you are looking at a variety of great deals to be had.

Another major pro is the wide variety of models on offer. Private seller listings are generally a treasure trove of unique models, off brand RVs, and even great vintage models that you won’t find anywhere else.

Private Seller Cons

 The unfortunate aspect of buying from a private dealer is the possibility that the vehicle will not be top quality. Don’t forget that private sellers are not licensed, so you will be taking a leap of faith in many instances. Always make sure to give the vehicle a test drive and also to demand inspection papers and a vehicle history.

There is also a lack of amenities and add-ons when working with a private seller. Unlike with a dealership, the model you see is going to be the model you get, so any amenities you are going to have to purchase and add on yourself. You also don’t get any servicing options with a private seller and will be tasked with vehicle maintenance on your own.

There are many different types of buyers, so deciding whether to go with a dealership or private seller comes down to individual preferences and needs. There are certain advantages to either route, so it is important to decide your priorities before you begin your search for the perfect caravan sales option. Make sure to go over the pros and cons of each and determine your goals. Once you have this down, you will be able to decide which way to go for your exciting RV purchase.

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