Silver Screen Staycation: Locations and Price Estimate?

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Unfortunately due to the lockdown in many countries, many people could not go on vacations last year and even though the lockdown is still in effect in many countries, 2021 is the year many expect to see some normalcy in the hospitality/travels industry.

Ever wonder what the cost will be to travel to some movie locations like Wakanda? Thanks to the team at betway, you can now have an indication of how much money you will be spending for a cool silver screen staycation in any of the popular movie locations.

For those who have been wondering about the possibility of traveling to a real-life movie setting, betway has done great research work that gives you an idea of what the cost to some of these locations will be. Judging by the figures from the research by betway, a staycation at one of the real-life movie settings will certainly not be cheap but it will certainly be worth your time and money.

The Overlook Hotel

Overlook Hotel as seen in the movie The Shining is certainly a cool movie location that many, including my very self would like to visit for a staycation. According to the numbers from Beway’s research work, a staycation at Overlook Hotel will cost nothing less than $3,572 or £2600. This amount cheap when compared to some other locations betway looks at and what this is not to say a staycation at this location won’t be worth it.

Those who have seen the movie The shining surely will have an idea of what sort of experience they will enjoy at Overlook Hotel.  The great thing about this location is that, according to betway, there is so much more space than what was shown in The Shining. Although it is a scary place as portraited in the movie, the amazing Colorado Mountains which can be overseen from Overlook Hotel makes it an irresistible location for a staycation. Another great plus of Overlook Hotel is the fact that it is very secluded from the noisy outside world during winter times – although this is not a big deal for some people, it is certainly a big deal for some of us.

Canto Bight

Costing almost 10 times ( $301,628.37 or £219464.25 ) more than Overlook Hotel, Canto Bight as seen in Star Wars The Last Jedi is one movie location lovers of the Star Wars would like to visit for a staycation. Located at the center of Cantonica, is an amazing, golden and glamorous movie location, one that is beautiful to behold. This location is especially good for lovers of casinos as it has some of the best casinos in the world. Using figures from 5-star hotels in Monte Carlo Monaco, betway was able to arrive at a princely sum of $301,628.37 or £219464.25 for a staycation at Canto Bight.


Black Panther was one of the most grossing movies of 2018. And for those who have watched the movie, the movie certainly lived up to the hype. The settings and the cast were just awesome. Chadwick Boseman and the rest of the cast did a very good job. The location is a beauty to behold. As seen by many surveys since the movie was released, a staycation at Wakanda appeals to many who have seen Black Panther. The good thing about Wakanda is that it is extremely cheap. Since it is generally accepted that Nairobi, Kenya in East Africa is the closest to Wakanda in rea-life, using figures obtained from 5-star hotels in Nairobi, Betway was able to arrive at a reasonable price of $1,511 or £1100 for a staycation at Wakanda. However, you should not mistake the cheap cost of a staycation at Wakanda as being equal to lack of fun or beauty. The high mountains, the natural scenery, tropical forests, and cascading waterfalls offer you an amazing staycation. Being a new location that is yet to be fully known to the world, it is not a surprise that a staycation at Wakanda is priced at just $1,511 or £1100.

LOS ANGELES 2019 (Blade Runner, 1982)

Maybe a staycation at the other locations we have so far discussed doesn’t excite you? How about a staycation at Los Angeles 2019 as seen in Blade Runner 1982? Using Los Angeles to cost up travel and hotel accommodation, betway was able to arrive at $1,555 or £1131.82 for a staycation at this location. Although cheaper than most other locations ( only Wakanda is cheaper ), there however lots of fun to be had at this location. The Japanese influence of the city affords you the opportunity to enjoy some tasty ramen on wet streets – betway arrived at the cost of drinks and foods using figures obtainable from modern-day Tokyo the Japanese capital city. The $1,555 or £1131.82 is inclusive of the cost of car rentals ( flying cars ).


Cheaper than both Wakanda and Los Angeles 2019, Hogsmeade’s amazing picturesque cottages and sumptuous Butterbeer makes a staycation at worthwhile. Based Scottish Highlands, Hogsmeade is the only wizarding village in Britain, visitors can easily find a charming, quaitr place, that has slanted roofs with dustings of snow, lovely small thatched cottages with holly wreaths hanging on the doors, and the uniqueness of floating candles to guide you around the streets and buildings

where else could you find a charming, quaitr place, that has slanted roofs with dustings of snow, lovely small thatched cottages with holly wreaths hanging on the doors and the uniqueness of floating candles to guide you around the streets and buildings. Hogwarts and Hogsmeade are based in the Scottish Highlands, hence betway was able to come up with prices based on real-life cost to Scotland. The cost of food and drives were arrived at by converting Hogwarts and Hogsmeade are based in the Scottish Highlands, and so costs were calculated based on real trips north. Food and drink costs were found by converting Harry Potter currency – knuts, sickles and galleons to arrive at $266.48 or £194 for a staycation.

To read more about the other locations betway has reviewed, you may want to check out the full article here.

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