3 Ways to Get Deals When Traveling

posted by Chris Valentine

If you are someone who enjoys travel, what measures do you take to try and get deals each time out?

While travel for any length of time is fine, you do not want to end up overspending time and time again. Doing so can have a major impact on your wallet if you are not careful.

So, how best to track down savings when you are gone from your home for any notable period of time?

Secure Deals Before You Hit the Road

In coming up with ways to keep more of your money when you go away, keep a few pointers in mind.

These include:

  1. Secure deals before you leave – If you are one who likes to plan things out, make sure finding deals is part of that. So, for entertainment, are you thinking Disneyland? If yes, secure those discount Disneyland tickets ahead of time. Among the ways to do this would be going to the brand website itself. See if they are offering any promotions now or may be down the road. You can also look to see if any approved ticket resellers would have specials available. The same is true if using airlines, hotels, car rentals and more. By booking earlier than later, you may well save some money. Now, isn’t saving better than paying full price?
  2. Work your connections – It is also a good idea to work your connections in trying to secure deals. Rely on outside family, friends and others to keep you in the loop. They can do this via email, texts, social media and more. Have them hit you up when they come across deals they think you may well be interested in. In return, do the same for them. The networking can be everyone getting savings they want in products and services. 
  3. Take advantage of specials – You also want to be alert to any special discounts you may be able to take advantage of. As an example, do you have senior citizen status? If so, this would be one way to find deals when traveling. Many restaurants, hotels and others offer discounted items to senior citizens. You also should check with different groups and associations like AAA and others. Before you know it, you could see the savings adding up. If you have any young children at home, this can also be a ways to save. Many businesses do offer discounts or freebies for those with young children. Be sure to check ahead of time to see if your child qualifies. If you are a current member of the armed forces or have served, savings could be right around the corner too. Many businesses show their appreciation to current or former military members with discounts. The bottom line is to do some research and see where special discounts could be waiting for you.

In getting deals when you look to travel, shop early and often.

Whether thinking a day trip, weekend or something longer, find ways to keep more of your money when you get away.

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