Why is cricket so popular?

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The Internet undoubtedly plays a very important role in the life of every modern person. Thanks to the Internet, people can find entertainment in its vastness. One of the most popular forms of entertainment among Internet users is online sports betting! 

People simply adore sports such as football, mixed martial arts, boxing, tennis, and do not spare money to bet on their favorite sportsman or team, thereby combining business with pleasure – watching the game and making money. But in our article, we would like to tell you more about the most popular sport in India – cricket! Find out more on one of the best sites

Cricket is a team game where players use special bats to play and balls. In recent years, this sport is beginning to gain huge global popularity, although it has a long history of development. 

Indian users simply cannot live without this sport; they adore it. Most of all online bets are made by Indian users and it is in cricket, so this sport can easily be called national. The whole country is watching the matches of the Indian Premier League, rooting for their national team!

Why is betting on this sport so popular? The answer is very simple: due to the popularity of cricket in India, the number of betting companies that offer favorable conditions for online betting is growing. Indian law prohibits from providing sports betting services, so Indian residents resort to using international betting companies.

Types of online cricket betting

Cricket, like other sports, has its characteristics. Of course, every user wants to bet with the maximum benefit for themselves. To begin with, you need to understand: what are the bets on cricket and how do they differ? Below we have written the most popular types of cricket betting:

  • The main outcome. In level 1 cricket, the game may end in a draw. In this connection, bets are placed on P1 – the victory of the 1st team, P2 – the victory of the 2nd team, X – a draw.
  • Double chance. This betting option is only available for duels in which a draw is possible. There are three outcomes to choose from: 1X – the first team will not lose, 12 – there will be no draw, 2X – the second team will not lose.
  • Totals. A bet on the number of runs in the match. You can also bet on the result within a specific segment of the game, for example, after 10 overs.
  • Asian handicap. The forecast of the victory of one of the teams, taking into account the handicap, which in turn can be zero, plus, and minus.
  • The winner of the tournament. Early bet on the winner of the competition.

How to increase your chances of winning?

Well, the first thing you need to know is that absolutely any actions can affect the results of the game, especially the little things. Before you place a bet, you should carefully study and calculate everything, because this is important, if you want to increase your chance of winning.

To achieve the desired result, you must consider the following:

  • The draw. The team that will attack first in most cases has the advantage. Its attack is made with a new ball and it is much easier for the batsman to hit it in a clean area of the field.
  • Field coverage. Naturally, this also plays a huge role. The covering of the field can be different: earthen or lawn. The acceleration of the ball after it hits the field of play will depend on this. For example, Cape Town is known for “slow” fields.
  • The duration of the match by time. In such a sport as cricket, especially if it is first-level cricket, live betting is very valuable. To be aware of what is happening and to make a more accurate forecast, you must take into account the wear of the field and the ball itself, the capabilities of athletes, as well as weather conditions.
  • Air. It also plays a huge role in tournaments and online betting on them. If we talk about high-altitude arenas, then the air is discharged there, which affects the speed of the ball when hitting it. Bowlers like such platforms, who try to spin the ball as much as possible.
  • The shape of the players on the field. It also needs to be taken into account, because you have to pay attention to the productivity of the players in both teams, their composition, as well as their ability to adapt to the weather, play on the field, etc.

An important factor in betting on cricket is the study of various strategies. There are a lot of them. but the most basic ones are: 

  • A bet on an outsider in live mode after a coin toss. You have to find a match with tight cricket betting odds on an outsider no higher than 4.0 and wait for a coin toss, after which you can bet on an outsider if he hits first.
  • Betting strategy on the best batsman in cricket. You need to select 3-4 players who are most likely to become the best batter. And make bets on them, the amount of which guarantees the highest profit regardless of the outcome. You can bet on both the best batter in the team and the best in the match.

Before making a bet, you should carefully study several companies that offer services and their odds. Different companies offer various odds, which in turn predict the outcome of the game and also affect your winnings.

Companies with the best cricket betting odds for Indian users!

Thanks to the popularity of cricket, the number of betting companies that provide favorable conditions for betting on this sport has increased. It can be very difficult to choose exactly what will suit you 100%, so we have prepared for you the top 5 best betting companies for Indian users with favorable conditions for betting on cricket and wonderful cricket betting odds.


The company occupies a leading position in the market of casinos and betting companies. Here your chances of winning grow very quickly, because the company offers a huge number of profitable promotions and offers. But it has one minor disadvantage – the company’s website supports only English.

The site provides a huge number of bonuses for betting on cricket. Of course, the very first bonus that you will receive is a welcome bonus that changes every time.

By visiting the official website, you can see a large table with the odds on cricket offered by the company (from 1.68 to 20.0).

Also, the betting company has its mobile application, which is supported by Android and iOS, and also completely repeats the functionality of the site.


Parimatch is a very well-known betting company for both Indian users and users from all over the world. Many consider it one of the best for online cricket betting because the company combines an interesting interface and navigation on its website.

Interesting fact: the betting company is one of the few that has a page on its website dedicated to cricket. Here you can study the history of the sport itself, read the rules of the game, as well as tips and life hacks that will help you bet with maximum benefit. You can also access all existing tournaments and team reviews where you can find your favorite. Also on this page, you can get acquainted with the odds for betting on cricket, the lowest is 1.04, the highest is 16.50.


First of all, this betting company received the title of a leader in providing services in the field of online sports betting, especially cricket. The creators spend a lot of time and money on creating promotions and offers for betting on cricket.

The most advantageous offer for you, as a user of this betting company, will be that players can receive a welcome bonus for the first time after registration. It will be up to 2500 rupees.

The odds from 1.3 to 10, give users access to a 100% bonus. And you can also get a 6-fold wagering with the odds greater than 1.75.


Melbet is a betting company that is represented not only in the Indian market but also all over the world. The company offers a huge number of promotions and offers for cricket because it focuses more on this sport. 

Promo codes are always available for the company’s customers, which can be found on the official website in the news section. But there is one drawback: some promo codes do not last long if they are not activated.

Now there is a special offer on the site: you bet 650 rupees and get 2150 rupees as a free bet. Melbet bookmaker offers fairly high odds on cricket events. For example, they range from 1.3 to 1.8, but there are also more profitable options. 


Of course, there will be betting companies such as 1xbet at our top. This company is known to all users of the world which love sports betting.

The company pays attention to its users and takes care of them, as evidenced by a large number of promotions and services in the field of cricket.

Of course, we want to tell you about the company’s welcome bonus, which you will receive immediately after registering and making your first deposit. The amount can reach 10,000 rupees.  

Regular players can also count on interesting rewards, the list of which is constantly updated, so follow the news on the official website more often!

1xbet odds represent statistical probabilities regarding various predictions of the results of 1xbet cricket matches. For example, the odds for the England-Canada match were from 1.05 to 9.50.

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