A newcomer’s guide to golf betting

posted by Chris Valentine

It’s impossible to dispute the popularity of golf, with it being one of the country’s most celebrated sports and a hobby that a lot of fans take part in, but betting on it successfully takes a lot of thought. Golf ties in to a long list of sports like formula 1, cricket, snooker and American football that some fans might not even realise you can bet on, and it’s a wasted opportunity with plenty of markets and incentives to sink your teeth into.

Punters who would usually choose to bet on other sports might find it difficult to adjust to betting on golf merely from having to get used to the traditional markets and selections which come with it. This is a factor that hinders those who want to know how to bet on most sports but it’s possible to learn more about golf betting through trying your hand at it and doing the appropriate research before placing any bets.

For those who are looking to bet on golf, we would advise to:

Back outright golf winners before working on advanced markets

Placing money on the winner of a specific sporting event is commonly known as the most basic market. This is the selection that most bettors would put money on before getting involved in the more complicated markets. The same can be said for golf, where betting on the winner over the whole tournament, or even just the current day, will be the first step to take.

Odds for these selections are crucial, so it’s worth looking at a selection of different bookmaker websites or apps before picking a golfer to bet on. The bookie price on golf winners is judged based on results in similar tournaments, current form, and how they might fare up against the more experienced professionals beside them. Tips on golf events which include all typical betting markets can be found on TeamFA, who run their own page dedicated to golf betting previews with the latest odds.

Consider betting on all available golf markets

After finding your feet in creating your own golf betting tips, it would be assumed that you’d bet using other markets, avoiding the markets that appear towards the bottom of the page. This could result in you missing out on some of the most worthwhile markets when it comes to golf betting, as even the vague selections are popular to fans of the sport.

Betting markets like the nationality of the tournament winner and whether or not the tournament will be decided by a playoff are just two examples that a lot of mainstream golf punters will bet on frequently. The winning nationality is especially worth considering, as it can be easier to judge it being between America, England, Spain or Scotland, than by naming the specific player.

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