PISA, the most innovative putters for nearly 20 million people playing golf in this era

posted by Chris Valentine

Due to the COVID 19, most of outdoor activities including sporting goods related business had to go over a crisis with many hardships. However, there was one outdoor activity that surged during the COVID 19, and it was golf. Many people started playing golf because of the nature of the sport playing outdoors, providing less danger to people than activities indoor or enclosed spaces. And it had the advantage of being able to continue an active relationship with friends and family in group of 4~5.

The demand for golf related business such as apparel and equipment increased rapidly. I also started playing golf with my parents after the pandemic and choosing golf clubs was the first thing I did. Since golf clubs are crucial to the performance to the sport, I knew that choosing the right golf clubs were extremely important. 

PISA negative loft putter, inspired by the Leaning Tower of Pisa

PISA putter is a slightly slanted negative loft putter unlike the normal plus loft putters. 

The beauty of golf comes from playing a close putting game. The best way to successfully complete a putting game is by rolling the ball properly. If you take a closer look at how the ball rotates after the contact with a putter, you can notice the ball will float slightly before rolling to the contacted direction. This turbulence will increase the percentage of the ball going in the wrong direction. But, PISA putter prevents this from happening by hipping the top of the ball so it rolls in the desired direction without skipping.

And there is one more element that outstands the normal putters which enhances the accuracy of putting with a low-friction materials called Teflon. Teflon is a material that reduces friction, and the use of this material in the putter head significantly reduces the friction when contacted with the ball. Wouldn’t the probability of the ball rolling in the desired direction increase tremendously and help drop strokes off your putting game? 

USGA certified putter with proven performance

Negative loft putter with a Teflon material, PISA is now available on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. In order to increase reliability, PISA putter is a USGA certified putter that help the ball rotate with the Quintic Ball Roll System by a state-of-the-art putting analysis system. 

PISA has been certified for official use by the USGA, the United States of Golf Association, so it means that you can use the putter with confidence. You can purchase PISA putters in either blade type for advanced golfers or a mallet type for beginners on Kickstarter. With Super Early Bird Deal, you can get up to 50% discount, so if you are interested, please visit PISA’s campaign on Kickstarter.

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