Check Out These Summer Sports to Get Your Blood Pumping!

posted by Chris Valentine

How’s your summer up until now? If you’re reading this article, I’m willing to bet that things are a bit on the boring side.

So, here’s a list with the most adrenaline-inducing and blood pumping sports you can try to spice up this summer.


It doesn’t go more exciting than this! To fall from a plane, thousands of feet in the air and experience how it would be to fly is a major adrenaline rush that will put anything else into perspective. Also, even though the practice is quite safe, there is still a huge risk associated with it, so your heart will be pumping like crazy.

But even if you’ve tried it hundreds of times, the excitement doesn’t fade because it gives you a unique feeling each time you do it.

Mountain Biking

Ok, let’s say you are not the extreme adventurer that goes skydiving. This doesn’t mean you don’t get to enjoy yourself any other way!

Mountain biking is a great summer activity because it gets the blood rushing and the muscles working harder than ever. But most importantly, you have the opportunity to enjoy a bit of time in the nearby forests, discover new trails, and even enjoy a wonderful sunset from your favorite hilltop.

Just keep in mind that rough trails can be a bit taxing for your bike, so you may want to update the breaks, tires, and check the steering system regularly. Check out and keep your bike in top condition.


If you’re on vacation (or just planning one right now), make sure to choose a location where you can admire the aquatic life via snorkeling.

While it is an activity that both kids and adults can do, it does require some effort as you’ll also be swimming while trying to maintain a position that allows air to enter through the snorkel. If you’re new to the sport, have a look at this short guide to learn how it’s done. Also, make sure to go with an experienced swimmer on your first try.

Snorkeling is not very adrenaline-inducing, but it allows you to enjoy and discover the world of the oceans, with corals, gorgeous fish, and beautiful water plants. It’s like entering the world of Finding Nemo!


I’m closing the list with an all-time favorite activity. Surfing engages all your motor muscles and teaches you about balance and seizing the opportune moment. It’s also a fantastic way to get some workout and keep yourself cool during those hot summer days.

Still, make sure you’re being safe as there are plenty of surfing accidents that could have been avoided.


Beautiful weapons that look extremely realistic, warfare gameplay with an organizational structure, and hours of strategic fun – who wouldn’t love airsoft?

This game is for everyone, ages 13 and up, and is designed to keep players focused and in a continuous state of alert. You’ll have to crawl, take cover, run for shelter, save your team members and discover the enemy’s hideout!

And all these are done while using airsoft weapons, which come in a variety of types, sizes, and materials (just have a look on Airsoft Pal to see for yourself). Airsoft is a game that gets the heart pounding and the blood rushing for several hours and can be played as often as you want.

Even more, it is a fantastic way to make new friends and improve your hand-eye coordination.

Wrap Up

Don’t let the summer pass by you! Go outside and try new and exciting activities that allow you to create beautiful memories and keep the body in shape. Just because it’s hot, it doesn’t mean you have to make camp near the closest AC unit!

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