Comprehensive Guide to Choosing a Martial Art

posted by Chris Valentine

When it comes to exciting and challenging sports US combat sports always makes the list. That is because US combat sports offer an impressive range of mixed martial arts and traditional hand-to-hand fighting like boxing. In this piece, I will be providing you with a comprehensive guide so you can get started to safely and enjoyably play US combat sports. 

Let’s jump in. 

Which Sport to Choose

While combat sports are played by people of all ages and athletic ability some may be better for beginner to the sports. Let’s take a look at some of the more popular US combat sports:


Hands down the most popular martial art this sport is all about self-defence and counter-striking your opponent. You are allowed to use kicks, punches, as well as wide stances for defence. This sport is open to all ages and both men and women enjoy playing. 


A mixture of various combat sports, MMA might just take over Karate as the most popular martial art in the world. The UFC has put US combat sports on the map and its not surprising that people pay big money to watch one of these intense matches. 

MMA is unique in that the judges are looking at technical ability but also which martial art is better. If you have a face-off between one fighter that specializes in Ju-Jitsu and his opponent is a Muay Thai fighter the winner will also lend a better name to their sport of choice. 

Kung Fu 

Synonymous with martial arts movies and their superstars like Jackie Chan, Kung Fu has captured attention from a vast variety of backgrounds. Kung Fu is actually a broad term that encompasses more than one hundred Chinese martial arts and was founded 1500 years ago in a monastery. Its circular movements help discern its difference from other similar sports. 


Founded in the late 1800s, Judo holds the title for being the first Olympic martial art. Known for its takedowns and pins, Judo is very popular and enjoys a spike of interest every four years when the Olympics are starting. 

Muay Thai

One of my personal favourites, Muay Thai, also called Thai boxing and the art of the eight limbs, is known for being fun and very fast. The difficulty level for Thai boxing usually has to do with endurance and strength as you can use your fists, elbows, legs, and knees. 

You always need a great solid pair of gloves that you can purchase from US Combat Sports. It is also recommended to get other protective gear, such as shin pads, ankle guards, and knee pads as well. 

Wrap Up 

Whether you choose to explore one or all of these great US combat sports be sure to play safe, have fun, and purchase the right gear you need to win. You can shop online and pick up everything you need from boxing gear to the right clothes and equipment you need to train. 


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