Importance of Basketball Mouthguards in a Basketball Match

posted by Chris Valentine

We all know that basketball as a sport is very competitive. But at the same time, it can cause some injuries as players may collide into each other unintentionally, resulting in some freakish injury. So it is better to take precautionary measures while playing the game and avoid the risk of getting injured. Due to it, a dental appliance like mouthguard is a must while playing basketball as it protects our teeth, the jaw bone, and the mouth from any severe damage.

What is Mouthguard?

In contact sports like basketball and often in boxing, players use mouthguards which are made of high-quality plastic to protect their teeth, jaw bone, and mouth. A good quality mouthguard should have the following qualities like- durable in nature, unbreakable and comfortable in the mouth.

Most importantly, a basketball mouthguard shouldn’t hinder communication among players during a match as in a basketball game communication is very important.

Many players take the risk of not wearing mouthguards, thinking that the nature of the injury will be a minor. But sometimes that minor injury becomes a nightmare for them and costs hundreds of dollars to get it fixed, and the gums and jaw can get affected too.

Many players are also of the notion that mouthguards hinder communication during matches as a fast¬-paced game like basketball requires communication between teammates. But they are extremely important to avoid injuries.

Reasons why mouthguards are a must to avoid injury while playing basketball

Mouthguards are relatively less expensive and a safer alternative when it is compared to getting the injured area repaired, for eg., a broken tooth or a damaged jaw bone. Thus it is always advisable to wear, which are high in quality but also affordable to prevent accidental injuries.

Maintaining a mouthguard is quite easy. Just like you brush your teeth, a mouthguard also needs to be cleaned with the help of a toothbrush and a little amount of toothpaste. Cleaning must always be done before and after using it to maintain hygiene.

Mouthguards also help protect our soft tissues and nerves inside our mouth, which are prone to accidental injuries. They also separate the sensitive areas and protect them from blows if any and keep it cut and bruise-free.

Mouthguards increase the confidence of players immensely, and they can play without fear after wearing them, and this may have a positive effect on his/her performance.

Mouthguards are available in different sizes for different age groups. So players must choose it accordingly, and the mouthguard should fit the mouth properly and not fall out of the mouth. A recent study has shown that basketball players are the most prone to dental injuries, and as a result, the anterior teeth are most affected in youngsters who play basketball. Recently more and more players are using mouthguards in basketball to avoid accidental injuries and keep them injury-free. As prevention is better than cure, mouthguards have become the first choice of many players to ensure safety.

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