Tips for Choosing Best Wetsuits for Surfing

posted by Chris Valentine

Are you a professional surfer or do you only enjoy surfing every once in a while? Whatever your situation may be, one thing is for sure; you will need a good wetsuit. Looking for a wetsuit may seem like an easy task from a distance, but when you come closer and look deeper, you would realize that there are so many types and designs to choose from. This means that what may suit one surfer may not necessarily be suitable for you.

There are both mens and womens wetsuits designed specifically to suit different body types and tastes; and because there are many brands, choosing one that fits your style and tastes may become difficult. Here are a few tips to help you through the process.

Consider Your Chosen Surfing Location

Think about the surfing locations you will be visiting throughout the year and choose a wetsuit that best suits those locations. If you don’t, it means you would have to buy wetsuits for different surfing locations. The main thing to consider when thinking of locations is the water temperature. You would want a wetsuit that suits the water of the different surfing locations you plan to visit.

Wetsuits are designed for specific water temperatures. Ask about the water temperature of your surfing site, check the specifications on the wetsuits and compare them to the temperature. If you get a wetsuit that doesn’t fit the water condition, you may not be as warm as you would like to be during and after surfing.

Let Your Comfort Come First Always

When choosing a wetsuit, your comfort should be your top priority. You cannot surf in a wetsuit that is either too tight or too loose. It should be lighter and more flexible in areas around the arms and shoulders. One of the most comfortable types of wetsuits is those with a chest zip.

Chest zip wetsuits are way more comfortable than back zip wetsuits because having a zipper touching your spine can be discomforting. A chest zip wetsuit also provides more warmth as it is less prone to flushing and it is less exposed to oncoming waves, unlike the back zip wetsuit. A wetsuit should be only tight enough to feel like a second skin and not in a constricting type of way. Only a thin layer of water should be between your skin and your wetsuit.

Be Ready to Spend

You have finally found the wetsuit that ticks all your boxes, but there is a slight problem. It is a bit pricey. Well, comfort does not always come easy. You must be ready to splash the cash if you truly want to enjoy surfing, but here’s one thing. If you eventually buy that premium wetsuit, you would not have the need for others. However, if you don’t buy the wetsuit that meets all your requirements, you may have to keep spending money on wetsuits every time you surf in a new location.

With the perfect wetsuit, you can enjoy surfing in as many locations as you want!

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