Four Events That Would Liven Up The Olympic Games

posted by Chris Valentine

Every four years we see new events added to the Olympic Games. Some re-emerging after decades in the shadows, others completely new events in a bid to liven up and refresh the Games. Over in Tokyo just last year, the likes of skateboarding and surfing certainly did that, creating superstars and introducing the Games to a whole new audience.

In Paris in 2024, implementation breakdancing will debut in another bid to reach a younger generation. But what about future games as we look towards the likes of Los Angeles and Brisbane?

Well, we certainly have a couple of suggestions that really would change the landscape of the Olympic Games…


It’s the perfect event to introduce to Brisbane. Australia is cricket mad and the format can be adjusted in many ways, as is seen in the likes of the T20, The Hundred and even T10 which is played internationally.

The game of cricket is being premiered in the Commonwealth Games in 2022 and a successful launch in the women’s game could see it become a staple of those Games, with the possibility of launching for the Brisbane Olympics.

Of course, one of the main challenges is that it’s not as universally popular as say, soccer, but that said baseball has made an appearance in Olympic Games schedules before. So why not cricket?


There would be huge controversy should any gambling games be introduced to the Olympics, but they are games that require a huge amount of skill. Naturally, blackjack can’t really be considered a sport as no physical exertion takes place. However, if esports are to be introduced, which there is plenty of talk about, then there’s no reason the IOC couldn’t jump on the popularity of casino games too.

Blackjack or poker would prove intense viewing, as it often does on the television, and like skateboarding and surfing has, welcome an entirely new audience to the Olympics.

Roller Derby

One for the Angelinos to pitch is roller derby, a brutal yet exciting sport that is hugely popular in the USA, but is growing around the world with major leagues in the likes of Mexico, Germany, the UK, Belgium and beyond.

It would be a huge move for women’s sport in general, with the game largely having taken off as a women’s sport. However, there are men’s leagues two and it would be an incredible way to put the game on the world stage and grow it further. Again, it’s one that would appeal to a much younger audience and keep the Olympics looking fresher than ever.

Chess Boxing

The definition of sport is something that involves physical exertion and skill. While chess perhaps couldn’t be considered a sport on its own merit, through some boxing into the ring and you’ve certainly got sport.

Chess boxing is a wildly entertaining and slightly strange concept that has really taken off in the last few decades. It is made up of 11 rounds that alternate between chess and boxing. Players/fighters partake in four minutes of chess followed by three minutes of boxing, with a winner crowned by either way of knockout, checkmate, an opponent timing out or judges decision. It’d certainly make for a very unique addition to the Olympics!

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