8 Things To Consider When Going Hunting

posted by Chris Valentine

Throughout the years, hunting has been an American tradition that goes down through generations. In some families, it’s an activity for bonding, sharing values, and connecting with the land. Before grabbing your rifle and heading out to the great outdoors, there are essential considerations that you should know.  

Some people hunt as a sport, while others do it to acquire extra food for winter. Regardless of the reason, if you’re a beginner, here are essential things to ensure that you have a safe and successful hunting trip: 

  • Getting A License And Tag 

Before going out on your first hunting trip, you should get a hunting license. You also need a permit to carry arms during the season.  

The requirements and paperwork to acquire a license vary, depending on where you plan to go hunting. The state hunting regulations will indicate the area, time length, and the weapons you can use for hunting. Aside from the license, you might also need to buy a tag if you’re going to hunt deer.  

In most states, you might need to take a course on safety. The objective of the course is to ensure your safety and to learn about wildlife conservation. 

  • Hunting Equipment And Ammo 

Every hunter has a personal preference when it comes to the equipment and tools during hunting. Some prefer to use a bow and arrow, while others stick with the standard rifle. Depending on your preference and skills, you can choose from a variety of equipment today. If you’re going on your first hunting trip, you need to train and practice using the tools and equipment you’ll take along during the hunt.

Always remember that practice is vital if you want to avoid ending up with personal injuries or hurting others because you don’t know how to use a rifle or hunting bow properly. If you’re going to use a bow, you should stock on various types of arrows. In case you’re going to choose a rifle, you need to be ready with a supply of ammo. 

  • Rangefinder 

A rangefinder is a small and lightweight device, but you can also use a range finder app these days on an Android or iOS device. As an essential during hunting trips, make sure you have one ready to make an ethical shot. The chief feature of a rangefinder is to provide the distance between you and the target. Aside from not missing the mark, it would be best to aim for a clean shot to prevent tracking a wounded animal or causing unnecessary pain and suffering.  

  • First Aid Kit 

A first aid kit will always be essential during every hunting trip. Even proficient hunters should have a first aid kit at all times. Take note that you can never be too careful if you’re on a hunting trip. Emergencies can occur without warning, and if one occurs, you’re ready with a first aid kit. 

  • Survival Knife 

During a hunting trip, always bring a survival knife. A survival knife has various uses, including cutting ropes, preparing food, or gutting fish. You can even use one to cut kindling to start a fire when necessary. 

  • Food And Water 

On your first hunting expedition, you need to bring along an adequate amount of food and water for the entire trip. In case you don’t have enough room to carry water, you can bring a water filter as long as the hunting area has a water source. 

  • Clothes 

When hunting, you should wear the right clothes. It’s best to stick to colors that blend in the wilderness so that your movements are not noticeable. Wear heavy-duty boots to help you walk through challenging terrain and protect your feet. The clothes you’ll wear should cover most of your skin as protection from insect bites and exposure to poisonous plants.  

  • Backpack 

It would be best if you’ll use a durable backpack to carry all your equipment. The bag should have adequate support to avoid discomfort on your back and shoulders for long periods. It should also have several pockets to hold your items.  


On your first hunting trip, several considerations are vital to make it a safe and successful activity. Always make sure that you’re fit for hunting in the wilderness of your choice. These useful tips will serve as a good starting point to be ready for your first hunting expedition.

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