While They’re Hot: How Do You Find the Cheapest NBA Team Tickets?

posted by Chris Valentine

Are you looking for the cheapest NBA team tickets?

Everybody still has a passion for basketball despite the rising trend of mobile devices taking over the pastimes of most people. This is because of the experience people get when playing and learning about the sport. They realize how exciting the game is and love the teamwork that goes into creating a successful team.

While some people are content watching the games on their devices, others want to watch the games live. Unfortunately, tickets sell quickly and they can be expensive, but in this guide, we’ll teach you how to get the cheapest team tickets available!

1. Be Selective with the Teams You Want to Watch

The teams playing in the game you want to watch will impact the price of the ticket. Certain teams will always have a higher price than others because of their roster.

Their roster will be the main factor for the pricing, though. Star players making a name for themselves always attract more people. This makes it easier to price their team tickets higher because people will go to their games no matter what.

Their reputation as a team will also influence the price of the tickets. Even if a star player retires or gets drafted to another team, their previous team will have a high market value. Some teams like the Toronto Raptors will even increase in price if a team still performs well if not better.

2. Buy Tickets as Soon as They Release

Getting tickets as soon as they’re up for sale is a great way to make sure you get them cheap. This is because tickets will only get more expensive the more hype the event gets. It’s also easy for marketing teams to get people excited for an event, so prices will increase no matter what.

Getting tickets sooner will ensure you get ones that don’t have their prices influenced. The earlier you get them, the cheaper they will be. Their prices won’t go down, too, despite what most people think.

Unlike plane tickets, there’s no rush to fill in vacant seats. It’s not an uncommon scenario in sports to have many vacancies during the games. This means you won’t find cheaper tickets the closer the date for the game comes.

3. Get Pre-Sale Tickets When You Can

Some organizations and groups can get tickets to a game before they’re available to buy. These are pre-sale tickets and NBA only gives them to organizations relevant to the sport. Radio shows and notable fan clubs often get their hands on these before anyone else.

Joining these groups and listening to radio broadcasts will improve your chances of getting pre-sale tickets. The members of these groups can also inform you which group is doing a giveaway for these tickets.

They often give these away by hosting contests to their members. Radio shows give it away to a specific caller if they are the nth one to call, and many fan clubs also do a raffle draw for their members to win these tickets.

Some e-mail mailers also get presale tickets before they’re on the market. This means that you can get it from them if you’re subscribed to them. This makes it important for you to keep looking for organizations affiliated with the sport.

4. Search for Tickets on Legitimate Third-Party Websites

When a game with your favorite NBA team becomes scheduled, it’s a good idea to check for tickets online. This is because some websites can have them for sale at a cheaper price. They sell it cheaper because it’s not in demand yet.

You need not worry about these websites. Many ticket-selling websites are legitimate and have an operating business permit. This means that the laws regarding consumer protection also apply to them.

This ensures that you have confidence in the tickets you get from these websites. It’s also a great way to book your seats early before people crowd the venue.

5. Buy Tickets in Different Cities

How much do Lakers tickets cost? In Los Angeles, they can cost you much more than watching the same team but in another city. This is because any event happening in a certain area will attract locals first, and this can bump up prices.

This makes tickets for an event in the same city more expensive than other tickets. It also makes it worth your while to drive to another city to get your tickets there.

Other cities will reduce prices to make it worth the customer’s while to go to the event. Looking for the right vendor will ensure that you get the cheapest ticket in the city you visit.

6. Look Out for Credit Card Rewards

Another way to get your hands on a cheap ticket is to look for credit card rewards. Some banks offer seasonal tickets as rewards for their customers. This is a rare occurrence, but it’s worth looking into when a favored NBA team has a game coming up.

To make sure you’re not wasting your time, it’s great to check with your bank first. Checking if they’re affiliated with NBA in any way will mean that this can happen. It’s also worth checking their rewards list as much as you can.

This can be a tedious task, but it’s the best way to get the cheapest NBA team tickets. Nothing will beat a free ticket as a reward from your bank or credit card operator.

Find the Cheapest NBA Team Tickets Today

With the popularity of the NBA and the games it hosts today, there’s no way for you to get cheap tickets. That is unless you know how to look for the cheapest NBA team tickets. Look for the cheapest tickets with the help of our guide today!

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