How Sports Betting Can be Turned into a Serious Career

posted by Chris Valentine

The global sports betting industry is now worth over a hundred billion dollars and it is still forecasted to grow in the next few years. Sports betting is simply one of the favorite ways for people to gamble whether it’s online or through land-based casinos and bookies.

Adding the thrill of gambling into the thrill and excitement that many sports already offer is simply hard to resist. For some, it’s a hobby, but for others, this is how they make money professionally.

When it comes to the countries where sports betting is extremely popular, India, United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, China, and Finland are all part of the list. The most popular sport to wager on is still football. Punters love wagering for the Championship League, the IPL, Premier League, and etc.

India, in particular, is fond of wagering for cricket and football. IPL betting sites are specifically taking a lot of bets during its season. The love of India for cricket is also worth pointing out as cricket betting is also very popular with its locals. IPL 2020 is expected to generate billions of dollars in turnover in the upcoming season.

Now, no matter which top sports betting country it is, there are punters who are now becoming more strategic when it comes to placing their bets. Some of these punters take it seriously because they see sports betting as a professional career.

It’s surely not impossible for sports wagering to be a fruitful career. When correctly and strategically done, it’s possible that a person can earn even millions from it.

Some of the most popular professional punters are Billy Walters who is known for the millions that he spend and win in sports betting. Walters is known to operate with a group. This has been a secret as there are casinos and bookies that already started to not accept his bets and this is why he had to form his group who would place bets on his behalf.

He’s generally fond of all types of gambling but sports betting is one of his favorites. He would wager for sports like football and baseball. One of his biggest wins is worth 2.2 million US dollars. Walters has claimed that in a year, he’d earn around 50 to 60 million US dollars just through sports betting.

Another person to look up to in terms of having a sports betting career is Tony Bloom. He’s also known to have his own group which is called Starlizard. Bloom is one of the really known names in sharp betting.

The money that the group Starlizard use to place bets is mostly funded by Bloom himself. The group is also known as sports betting consultancy. The group uses complex statistical analysis and models to generate sports, particularly football, results for a better chance of winning.

With these names, it is simply proven that sports betting can be a lucrative way to earn money. However, note that this is only possible if it is taken seriously and responsibly.

Millions worth of sports betting income means that millions will also have to be spent. Indeed, choosing this as a career can be rewarding but it’s still not for everybody. Sports betting is rather a strategic way to gamble. It requires time, skills, money, and patience.

Many are saying that casino games will give a person a better chance of winning instead of sports wagering and there is truth in that. There are, after all, casino games that only heavily rely on luck like the slot machines.

There are a few reasons why people choose punting as a career and some of these are the following :

  • Being the own boss

Sports betting is basically like having or investing in a risky business but every punter is the boss of their own. It’s one of the great ways to earn more without the need for employment.

  • Watching sports is basically one of the main tasks

Sports fanatics typically place bets for two things. It’s to support their favorite team and to feel more thrill when watching the game. Those as part of a career are simply appealing

  • There’s no need to clock in and out

Since punters are the boss of themselves, there’s no need to take shifts when betting. The choice of whether they want to punt on a game or season is all up to them.

  • Bets can be placed anywhere a punter is

Online or mobile sports betting is becoming more widespread as this is what the public demands. Bets can now be placed with just a smartphone and the internet. There’s no need for anything else aside for a strategy.

  • More money

Walters and Bloom are great examples of this. These punters are known to wager hundreds and billions of dollars and this is why they earn the most too. However, even punters who don’t gamble with millions still win great money from sports betting alone.

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