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5 Great Hobbies to Keep a Seniors Mind and Body Active

posted by Chris Valentine

One of the best ways to relieve stress and enjoy idle time is by finding a hobby. With all of the options out there in the world of hobbies, a senior will have to do their homework to find the right one. For most adult children, finding their parents a hobby can help them to rest easy knowing that the hours that they are not with them are occupied by things the senior enjoys. Here are some of the hobbies that can help a senior keep their mind and body active.

  1. Creating art or music

Among the most stimulating activities that a senior can participate in is the creating of art or music. Participating in things like painting or the playing of an instrument is a great way for a senior to keep their mind sharp and express themselves at the same time. Music also can be a great therapy and a way of relaxation for seniors. Classical instruments such as violins and cellos are perfect for them. Of course, what’s a violin without a good bow that feels like a seamless extension of your arm that makes it easy to play. For them to enjoy great music, they can look for Codabow which creates quality music that is good for the seniors’ ears.

  1. Taking a swim on a regular basis

Most people fail to realize just how beneficial swimming on a regular basis can benefit a senior. There are a variety of studies out there that show that swimming can be great for things like joint health and the reduction of depression. An adult child will need to take the time to find a facility in their area that gives swimming exercise classes. Giving an elderly parent this type of assistance will make it easy for them to excel in this hobby with little effort.

  1. Restoration projects

For most seniors, there is nothing more rewarding the taking on a restoration project. Whether it is an old car or a piece of furniture, seniors can get a lot of enjoyment out of working with their hands. Taking a piece of machinery of furniture and bringing it back to life will take a lot of work. The high level of involvement it takes to perform this type of work will help to keep a senior occupied. The adult children will need to lend a hand in choosing the right projects and in getting the tools the senior needs to take these restoration projects on.

  1. Traveling around to new places

Most people spend their adult life thinking about where they will travel when they retire. Taking the initiative and going on these trips can be very enjoyable for a senior. Usually, a senior will have a lot of time to fill and what better way to do so than with great trips to exotic locations.

  1. Becoming a culinary master

Learning how to cook new and tasty foods is also a great way for a senior to spend their spare time. With all of the cooking classes out there, finding the right one will take some time. Finding a class that is geared towards seniors can be much more enjoyable for an elderly person.

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Regardless of what a senior wants to do to pass the time, staying active is a must. Neglecting to take advantage of the free time you have during your golden years can cause a lot of different problems. Getting out and mingling with people your own age is a great idea.

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