The Power of Nerd Culture in the 21st Century by GiftGameCenter

posted by Chris Valentine

Remember the time when someone tech-savvy with thick glasses and a bow tie was often laughed at? Remember when being a nerd meant you were an introverted, unfashionable, socially-awkward misfit? We’re glad those times are over.

The term “nerd” has a whole new meaning in the 21st century. It’s not embarrassing to be one anymore – it never was for some of us. It’s now finally empowering to say you’re a nerd, without worrying that someone might make fun of you.

You know why? Because being a nerd is cool.

Here’s what GiftGameCenter has to say about the power of nerd culture in the 21st century.

Nerd Is the New Cool

Whether you identify as a nerd or not, you certainly know someone who does. And these days, almost everyone wants to be a nerd.

That’s because it means you’re intelligent, tech-savvy (which is a huge plus nowadays), and fun to talk to. It also means you probably dress cool – hipster-style – which has also become mainstream.

How did we come to this?

Well, think about it. How many movies and TV shows are there that celebrate the nerdy lifestyle? A lot – and they’re very, very popular.

The Big Bang Theory first pops to mind. Are you a fan? Why, hello, nerd! Welcome to the club!

Are you a Star Wars fan? The Lord of the Rings fan? Perhaps you’re a passionate Whovian? Love superhero movies? Love sci-fi and fantasy books? A Song of Ice and Fire, anyone?

Anyone who adores that stuff (and who doesn’t?) is a nerd – a modern-day nerd. And that’s brilliant.

There’s an enormous world of fantastic content out there that, decades ago, wasn’t very interesting to the masses. Today, that content is mainstream, and there’s rarely a person in the world that doesn’t genuinely enjoy it.

Most nerds were also always kind of obsessed with technology. Think programmers, for instance.

In earlier times, there weren’t so many people who knew their way around computers. Now, computers are an integral part of our lives, and everyone is tech-savvy.

When you’re a programmer or tackle technology in any other way, it’s now a sign of intelligence. It always was, but now it’s celebrated, rather than mocked.

So, yes, the nerd is the new cool, and we couldn’t be happier.

Gamers, Comics Fans, Movie Buffs – Unite!

Nerds love their board and video games, tech, comic books, and sci-fi, fantasy, and fiction movies, TV shows, and books.

Those are all stuff that the world advertises and celebrates these days. Just consider Comic-Con. Hundreds of thousands of people attend those events every year. They dress up as superheroes, wizards, or other comic-book characters and meet comic-book creators and other like-minded people.

It’s a truly wonderful time to be a nerd.

One of the greatest parts about it is today’s accessibility of video games and all that other content. There’s an abundance of options to choose from as well.

Digital content is widely-accessible to everyone – and at competitive prices. Anyone can now stream their favorite movies and TV shows, and get many games for their consoles.

Looking for a Perfect Gift for a Nerd?

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Are You a Modern-Day Nerd?

We certainly hope you are. Being one in the 21st century is incredibly exciting. The power of nerd culture is unstoppable, and it’ll keep growing for many years to come – maybe even forever.

So, jump on the bandwagon and join the adventurous ride! You’ll feel like a rock star!

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