Fun Family Easter Traditions for 2019

posted by Chris Valentine

 Easter Traditions

Easter is an important holiday, especially for the Christian community. It marks the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Easter coincides with the coming of spring, which some people consider a pagan celebration. The use of eggs is symbolic of new life that begins with spring after a long winter. Whatever a person’s religious beliefs or lack thereof, Easter is a family holiday.

Formation of traditions that include all members of one’s family creates lasting memories and creates a sense of kinship. The most important way to create new traditions during Easter is by having a discussion with the young ones and explaining what Easter represents. Keep it simple for them to understand and include fun activities that they can get behind.

The Traditional Decorating and Hunting of Easter Eggs

There is a reason why this is done worldwide. It is a tradition that involves kids of all ages alike. One can purchase both dyes and less messy options, depending on the age of the kids, and make a fun day out of decorating hard-boiled eggs or empty eggshells. Depending on the abilities of the kids, one can keep the designs simple or a little advanced.

After the crafts, one can hide the eggs around the house or in the compound, depending on the size of the property, and let them search for them. This is a perfect Easter morning activity and one can reward the children with healthy snacks, toys, and Easter-themed books.

Making Easter Breakfast or Brunch

A person can decide to make an Easter-themed breakfast the day before or wake up early and prepare a delicious meal for the family. Surprising the family is great but involving them in making themed treats can make it even more fun. One can include the family in baking Easter-themed cupcakes like Easter chick cupcakes.

Arts and Crafts

There are many local craft stores and online stores, such as TheWorks, that provide a lot of fun activities that a person can do with their family. One can get the Easter Bunny basket, craft sets, stampers, and puzzles, or make your own sets. One can also get polystyrene eggs so that they don’t have to waste any fresh eggs during the season. It’s also an even more convenient option because it is less messy. Doing Easter activities as a family makes the season even more memorable, especially for the young kids. Remember to find Easter activities that teens can also get into.

Eight-Day Walk with Christ

For a Christian household, it is vital to include Easter activities that will strengthen the young one’s faith by including more religious activities in the fun. Since there are eight days, one might want to start a week in advance so that it aligns perfectly with the Easter activities.

It is an activity that can be undertaken by the whole family where each member receives a plastic egg with treats and an envelope with pieces of the Easter story and bible verses. One can get creative with the message and pick different themes every year.

Whatever one’s beliefs are, Easter is a time best spent with family, and creating traditions helps people come together during the holiday and spend some time together.

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