8 Effective Digital Marketing Tactics in 2019

posted by Chris Valentine

 Digital Marketing

Over the past decade, digital marketing has been on a rapid rise and as we all expected, it has now by far surpassed the traditional forms of marketing. There is no doubt right now that the world revolves around the internet and for any business, whether large or small, to realize more revenues, it has to have some profound influence in the digital space, This form of marketing has proven to be very effective if well implemented. It is a more cost-effective form of marketing, it reaches a wider audience and most importantly it delivers more conversions.

Unlike the traditional forms of marketing, digital marketing is a more fluid form of marketing. The digital scene keeps on changing every day and to keep up with it, digital marketing experts have to always be in the know about the ever-evolving tech trends. Digital marketing tactics that were highly effective 10 years ago do not have the same effect today. For instance, after the recent Google algorithm updates, keyword-based SEO as a form of marketing does not really yield the desired results. Even product reviews are slowly losing pace, Here are 8 current most effective digital marketing strategies.

1. Influencer Marketing.

Social Media has become part and parcel of most people’s’ lives. Some people on social media have a lot of influence on their followers. Many people tend to believe and gravitate towards experiences of such individuals with a large following. Hence, brands use them to increase awareness of their products by making them their ambassadors or having them just say nice things about their products.

2. Chatbots.

Chatbots is a technology that uses text or voice messaging to converse directly with potential consumers. This technology has a high conversion rate because it talks to consumers directly and answers their questions accurately.

3. Pay Per Click Advertising.

Although this form of marketing has been around for a few years now, it is still very relevant and highly effective in 2019. It is a faster way of boosting the online presence and it gives immediate and long term results for your product. However, its success will depend on how well you understand your audience and what they are searching for. This way, you will be able to know the websites that contain relevant keywords and tailor your ads towards it. Entrepreneurs who do not have basic SEO knowledge would find it hard to make conversions with this form of marketing. It requires a little bit of training, but you can always learn with imparture on how to analyze your competition and use the right SEO tools to attain greater clicks from various websites. This way you can be sure of generating profits from your investment on Adwords.

4. Email Marketing.

This is the easiest way of reaching out to potential customers anywhere in the world. It may be an old school form of marketing, but it is still trending in 2019. Very many people check their emails the first thing they wake up in the morning. It is a cheaper form of marketing with high ROI.

5. Social Media Marketing.

Social Media Marketing

Social media has become a very powerful communication tool in society today. The society unknowingly has demanded every business to have a social presence; any business that does not have any social media presence is losing a lot of its customers to its competitors. Having casual interactions with customers on social platforms is well enough as a form of marketing.

6. Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence is the newest way of collecting and storing information from customers. This form of digital technology uses algorithms based on a person’s search on digital platforms to predict what they want to see. This way, you can tailor your marketing content according to your customer’s information and even offer products that they are looking for.

7. Affiliate Marketing.

This is an online form of marketing where certain individuals promote your products on their site and you pay them a commission when they make a successful sale. This form of marketing has really taken off in 2019 with almost all popular brands incorporating it in their marketing strategies.

8. Mobile App Marketing

In 2016, the number of smartphone users was forecasted to be 2.1 billion and it is expected to grow to 2.5 billion this year. Businesses have looked at this as a potential market of 2.5 billion people. This year, the number of advertisements on downloaded apps on both Android and IOS operating systems has grown tremendously. It is a highly effective form of marketing as businesses are looking to stick to their consumers throughout their life cycle.

As days go by, the online community also keeps on increasing. Even though digital marketing has led to more competition, it has also offered business an opportunity to reach a much wider customer base. Some digital marketing campaigns may cost quite a bit, but it is nothing compared to the leads it may generate.

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