The benefits of social media for brand marketing

posted by Chris Valentine

With over 3.5billion active monthly users, social media is quickly becoming the premier avenue for businesses. Social media is an inexpensive option, with a bigger reach than TV, print and radio outlets. This makes it more appeling than these traditional media, which is supported by recent trends in brand marketing preference. The convenience, reach and targeting options must have played into marketer’s decision to advertise through Facebook as opposed to print, with advertising expenditure on the social media platform dwarfing the outlay on newspapers and magazines.

Will social media help grow your brand? The simple answer is yes. Even if you do not consider paid advertising options, social media will provide a range of benefits to help you achieve different business goals. Here are some ways through which social media will be beneficial for your brand.

What are the benefits of social media for your business?

If you have not yet already set up on social media, you could be falling further behind your competitors. Brands that are active online will gain more benefit and grow quicker than those that are strictly based offline. These are some key reasons why you should consider setting up on social media

It can drive traffic to your website

With millions of websites competing for the attention of billions of followers, your brand could benefit by setting up a website. However, these are notoriously difficult to get visible. You need to be very active, feature relevant content and optimize your site to meet the SEO algorithm expectations for high traffic and visibility. Having a social media page can also help you accrue these benefits without necessarily going through the trouble. You can drive traffic by sharing your website content to your followers. This will help generate interest in your brand, which could be crucial for growth.

It offers access to a large following

Social selling, which is offered by social media, allows you to interact with your followers outside of the standard buyer-seller relationship. Social media will facilitate personal interaction with brands, which can be helpful in developing brand loyalty. Social mediawillprovide access to billions provided you set up across different socialplatforms to maximize your visibility.

It will increase brand visibility

You can increase users’ likelihood to know about your brand by setting up a social media page. There is high interest in brands, with about 80% of social media users on certain platforms following at least one brand. You will be able to reach out to more people than through traditional advertising medium, which makes it a veryappealing marketing option. You can also benefit from personal marketing, which will increase your visibility levels and improve conversions. Social media platforms offer different features to increase your visibility, which are relatively inexpensive and highly efficient at helping you target desired audiences.

It will increase brand awareness

If you are located purely offline, less people know about your brand than you would be comfortable with. It is rather difficult to market your brand offline, with traditional marketing avenues such as TV and print delivering little in terms of results while charging exorbitant fees. Social medial allows you to increase brand awareness however you deem fit. You can use social media campaigns and paid advertising features to make more people aware of your brand.

It could increase conversion and revenues

Conversion will refer to the tendency to turn customer interest into a completed purchase. High conversion rates will generally be associated with an increase in revenue, since these represent an increased tendency to complete purchases and make earnings for your brand. You can increase conversion rates by going on social media. Many people will use social media to research brands and products before making their purchases. You can market and remarket your brand to these interested users, who will be more likely to make purchases than most. This will drive up conversion rates, which will have a positive influence on sales and revenue.

It could reduce advertising expenses

Marketingon social media is completely free. You can set up your brand page and begin marketing your products and services within minutes. The platform offers access to a large number of potential followers, which makes ideal for marketing. You may have some difficulty getting the right numbers through organic social media activity. If you feel that your campaign is not performing as expected, you may consider using paid advertising options for better performance. These are relatively inexpensive, depending on the package and social media platform, and could help you reach your desired target audience more effectively.

How can you maximize on the benefits of social media for your business?

Setting up on social media is not a surefire way to achieve success. You will need to engage with a number of social media best practices to increase the likelihood that your brand is successful online. Here are the best social media practices to increase brand awareness and facilitate growth.

You should make regular posts

Posting frequentlywill increase the likelihood that users can view your posts. They will also be Moorelikely to interact with active brands, which could go some way to increasing user engagement levels. If you lack the sufficient capacity, you should avoid setting up too many social media pages or consider a content scheduler.

You should interact with your followers

There is a high chance that users will interact with your brand and expect a response. This is a great way to provide customer service and keep in touch with your followers for personal selling. If you are going to create a social mediapage, it is important to interact with your followers in a timely and professionalmanner. This could help you build relationships that will help you grow your brand.

You should consider paid ads

Paid advertising options are a common feature for mostsocial media platforms. There are different pricing plans depending on your preferred paid program. The ads will vary by their specifications and uses, which can be selected for a specific goal. You can buy likes, views, followers and comments to generate interest in your content, or invest in remarketed advertisements to drive up conversion rates. Custom Instagram comments for your posts will help increase your visibility and attract followers to your brand. You should not ignore the potential of paid advertising features which are available through different social mediaplatforms. While it is possible to generate interest in your brand and growth through organic traffic, interactions and engagement, you need a little help to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.

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