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The issue of paying for social media features is one that crops up every now and again and is one that appears to be gathering pace as the demand for popularity on social networks continues to grow. This is because more and more people see it as a way to get their names out there as they look to build a social media presence for themselves for whatever reason that may be. It could be down to a passionate interest in a particular topic and they see social media as a way to spread their opinions and ideas on the topic with like-minded people or it could be because they have a product or a service they are looking to promote and see the window of opportunity that social networks provide for budding entrepreneurs. Whatever the reason, one thing is certain: the large number of people to be found on social media, coupled with their online behaviour and the potential rewards that can be got from a successful profile mean that thousands of people are trying their luck. Although social media users are known to interact with plenty of different content, the demand for engagement continues to outstrip the supply. This has meant that an area of the Internet has developed where people can go and pay for the social media features that are needed to feed the growth in their profile’s popularity.

What to expect on these websites?

Visit here if you want to get an idea of what these kind of websites have to offer social media users who are interested in investing in their profile in order to have the impact they desire. The options usually involve spending set amounts of money so as to buy a batch of the features required with the price changing depending on the feature and the amount of them involved. As there are a large number of these websites up and running, it is worth your while to get out and have a look at a few of them if you are considering going for this option. Many of them will offer features that are provided by real and genuine social media users and this is important for the person paying for them as it adds an air of authenticity to the transaction. While this may not matter to some people, unfortunately, there are still people who look down on those who pay for social media features. However, if so many people are doing it, it can seem like the only way to compete, especially if you are just starting out and need to make an impression.

What can you do with these features?

Once you have purchased these features, you then have to think about how you are going to introduce them to your profile. This is something which you should take your time over as what may seem like instinctively the right thing is not necessarily the best one. For example, it may seem like a good idea to buy a lot of features and add them all at once. This will lead to a sudden surge in your engagement levels but it will also lead to you using up the features you have paid for far more quickly than if you adopt a different approach.

In the case of views and likes, it is recommended that you add these features to content that you feel is undervalued or perhaps needs to get more exposure. By getting more views or likes, they increase in popularity and it is likely that more people will see them. With this being the case, you will get more attention and more people looking at your important content.


Comments are another feature which can be bought and they can prove to be very effective at not only adding interaction to your profile but also generating even more of it. This can be done in a number of ways. The first of these can be tagging another user in the comment. By doing this, you immediately draw the post to the attention of the user who has been tagged and they will come along and have a look at it. This creates more interaction for your profile and the content while also introducing it to people who may be unfamiliar with your profile. Another idea that can be employed is using comments to start a conversation regarding the topic of the post or to ask a question about it. This leads to a back-and-forth interaction between the user whose content is being discussed and the user who has taken an interest in it. As it is there for all to see, it can also lead to other people reading the debate and participating in the conversation. Becaue of the possibilities this offers, comments can be an extremely useful feature as, if used effectively, they can generate far more interaction even if you are just using one.


Followers are another feature which prove to be a popular purchase and this is because followers can incorporate all of the other features that are for sale. Followers are people who are interested in your account and therefore sign up for regular updates about it while being able to view, like and comment on your content. This all-in-one aspect makes them a smart investment andone which can contribute no end to your profile’s growth.

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