5 Brilliant Air Conditioning Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Unit

posted by Chris Valentine

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As early as Ancient Egyptian times, people in hot climates looked for air conditioning tips. The Ancient Egyptians hung wet mats over doorways to keep cool inside efficiently. Since then, cooling has evolved in a good way.

William Carrier is credited with inventing the air conditioning we have today. The first time his indoor cooler was installed in a home was in 1914.

He then upgraded it with a “chiller,” or centrifugal refrigeration machine. The chiller debuted in Times Square in Rivoli Theater and soon was installed in 300 movie theaters across America. People flocked to the movies to get cool each summer until air conditioning went wide in private homes.

Still, we’re all looking to keep as cool as possible in the hot months, especially when it’s humid too. And we’d like to do it while breathing cleaner air and saving on the electric bill as well.

But how exactly do you do that, you ask?

To help, we’ve put together five brilliant ways. Keep reading to learn easy air conditioning tips to save money, keep the air clean, and keep cooling efficiency at a high. Then, put these tips to use and put yourself in a chill space.

1.Clean Vents and the Condenser Unit

Your air conditioner will be more efficient if airflow and the unit are clear and clean.

Vacuum and dust around indoor air vents. Also, be sure nothing is blocking them.

Give your outdoor condenser unit a thorough clean regularly. A good, in-depth clean helps too. Your trusty professional HVAC air conditioning repair professional can do the in-depth clean and make sure your unit is in good condition.

2. Put Your Thermostat Up a Few Degrees

Set your thermostat a few degrees Fahrenheit higher in warm weather. Try 5 to 8 F higher.

It’s even better if you have a smart thermostat that you can set to adjust automatically to different times of the day. This way you can be sure your air isn’t pumping hard when you’re not there or at night when it’s not needed.

3. Keep Appliances and Lights Off During Hot Weather

The oven, dryer, and even lights heat up your home. This means your air conditioner works harder and uses more electricity.

Try to keep them off during the day in the peak heat hours. Instead, run them early in the morning before the sun hits directly, and after sunset.

4. Seal and Insulate Ducts

If an air duct passes through an area that isn’t cooled by your air conditioner, it can leak out some of your precious cool air. Make sure it is properly insulated and has no leaks. Your trusty HVAC repair professional is your best bet for this one.

5. Keep the Heat Out

Shut windows and blinds in peak hot weather times. This will literally keep it cooler inside.

If you really want the light, look into window coverings that let light in or cover part of the window. Anything you do to lower the temp inside keeps your air conditioning from working hard and using electricity.

Put These Air Conditioning Tips to Use 

Pretty easy, right? Yes, these air conditioning tips are simple to do and pack a powerful cooling punch when it comes to efficiency, clean air, and your electricity bill. Try one or all and enjoy the chill. 

Then, once you’ve cooled off and enjoying the long summer days, kick up your feet, grab an ice cold drink, and peruse our blog for other fun tips and lifestyle reading entertainment. 

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