Your Large Dog Requires A Special Bed

posted by Chris Valentine

Dogs hold a special place in our hearts and form a bond with us like no other animal on the planet. In fact, most dogs are considered to be a part of the family. We want the best for our canine companions and we want to provide for their care as we would our own children. Their care involves certain core basics: access to a veterinarian, food, shelter, and comfort.


Large dogs have very special problems of their own when it comes to health and comfort. They are heavy, thick boned, and carry large-sized risks. Unfortunately a few are also afflicted with health issues, as large breed dogs may exhibit hip dysplasia, arthritis, or other skeletal issues often long before the same afflictions would affect a smaller breed.

Some people are tempted to let their dogs sleep with them in their bed, but there are myriad reasons for discouraging this practice. This may be especially true for large breed dogs that would disrupt your sleep more than their own. In addition to the unsanitary notion of sharing a pillow with a drooling canine, many people don’t understand that dogs have their own orthopedic needs that your bed can’t offer. Beds today are both technologically advanced and engineered specifically to large breed dogs. Whether to simply provide a comfy bed for your pet that he’ll likely find more appealing than yours or to address health issues, the benefits of orthopedic pet beds are widely accepted. Fortunately, orthopedic beds for large breed dogs have been available for years, and some retailers like Mammoth Outlet, have been perfected the process, offering practical, comfortable, and durable dog beds since 1995.

Finding a trusted pet bed provider who actually loves dogs and takes their comfort to heart is the first and most important step to finding the right bed for your pooch. There are a number of specific concerns regarding an orthopedic pet bedthat require serious consideration for your large breed dog: Is the orthopedic pet bed made of industrial strength materials such as canvas, micro-fibers, or Cordura? Are the covers easily transportable and machine washable?Are the covers stain resistant, mildew resistant or water resistant?Are the beds soft and easily moldable, to support aging dogs with aging bones? Mammoth Outlet has taken these questions seriously and offers a line of orthopedic dog beds that are widely praised by both customers and veterinarians. Check out the testimonial section on their website to learn more.

Mammoth Outlet dog beds can even be purchased according to breed. Many dogs prefer a bolstered bed, and orthopedic pet beds can be found for special needs dogs as well as senior animals. Styles and colors vary widely from oval to round and can be bought to match your décor, and all large breed dog beds are made with one of the extra durable materials mentioned above, which means you’ll save money in the long run. You owe it to your dog to give them a customizable and comfortable orthopedic bed to thank them for their years of loyal friendship.

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