How Much Does It Cost to Hire Pro Locksmiths?

posted by Chris Valentine

The locksmith industry has been growing steadily at 1.9% per year since 2013, with it making $2 billion in total revenue in 2018. As you can tell, many forgetful Americans keep this industry alive and well; it’s human nature to make some goofs, after all.

You may have never mistakenly locked yourself out of the house or car, but that doesn’t mean it’ll never happen. If you’re thinking about hiring pro locksmiths, then keep reading.

We’ll tell you what to expect from them, including services and prices. Do keep in mind these are just general estimates — exact prices will depend on where you live and your locksmith’s experience/reputation.

Car Lockouts and More

It’s so easy to accidentally leave your keys in your car, especially if you’re in a rush. In this instance, a prompt locksmith is just what you need.

If you ever lock your keys out of your car, you can call one up and they’ll come to open it for you. This service will cost you anywhere from $60 to $85.


Were you out and about when you lost your keys? Then chances are, they’re gone for good.

When you call a locksmith, not only can they unlock your door for a fee, but they can also perform rekeying. This fee will cost anywhere from $75 to $180.

Lock Changing

If your car’s lock breaks or your key’s been compromised, have a locksmith change the entire lock. This will cost $75 to $220.

House Lockouts and More

You can just as easily lock yourself out of your house as with your vehicle. When this happens, maybe you don’t have a spare. Or your husband’s left for a business trip and took the other copy of the key.

You can have a locksmith come out and unlock your door for $65 to $120. Some can even perform composite door lock repair service.


If you need a spare house key made, a locksmith can do this as well. This costs anywhere from $50 to $130.

Lock Changing

Don’t feel safe? Then have your locks changed. Get peace of mind by paying $80 to $200.

Other Fees

You should be able to get free estimates from locksmiths before you commit to using their services.

Use this as a base price. Other fees you may have to pay are call-out charges and emergency/after-hour rates.

Do keep in mind most locksmiths will have a minimum call-out charge, which will be around $75. If they charge an hourly fee (averages are $75 to $95 per hour), the first hour will usually be included in the minimum call-out charge.

Use Pro Locksmiths to Get out of a Jam

Now that you know what pro locksmiths do and what they charge, you’ll have peace of mind knowing what to expect the next time you lock yourself out.

So get to researching your local locksmiths and save some of their numbers in your phone. That way, you’ll be prepared, should you ever need their services!

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