Tips for Planning a Home Funeral

posted by Chris Valentine

The mourning process is a difficult time for everyone. Funerals are an integral part of it as the beginning of a cathartic journey. As a funeral executor, the host will have to make many important decisions in this tough time. They must keep the deceased individual’s wishes in mind and ensure the comfort of the grieving family and friends throughout the entire period.

Many families prefer arranging a home funeral with the help of cremation services Washington. Such an arrangement could bring peace to the minds of the loved ones while providing a safe and private environment for them to gather.

Some points to consider while planning a home funeral:

As the name suggests, the home funeral processes occur at a person’s home – it could be the deceased’s home or a relative’s residence. There are some legal requirements to fulfill that the funeral home can take care of. Besides them, the following points should be kept in mind while choosing a location: 

Spacious location with parking space 

Quite a number of people would attend the funeral. Depending on the guestlist prepared by the funeral executor, an estimate can be made as to how spacious the location should be. It should also be checked for enough parking space around, at least for a few hours of the day.

Choosing between burial and cremation

The friends and family of the dead seek a funeral home’s services for this part. In case of a burial, the funeral home prepares the body in a casket and sets it up in the house as per the organizer’s wishes. If cremation is preferred, agencies like cremation services Washington do the needful and bring back the ashes in an urn.

Why do people prefer home funerals?

Home funerals are emotionally more comforting than other funeral services for many families. Some reasons include: 

A comfortable experience:

Besides the relaxing atmosphere of a home, the location is more convenient for aged attendees unable to travel long distances to attend their loved one’s funerals. Furthermore, all required amenities can easily be accessed in a home. 

Events last longer

As opposed to hiring a location, a home does not have any time constraints. The showing can be hosted for a long time, even after the funeral events are over, as there is no rush.

Cost-effective services

Hosting a funeral at home means the funeral executor does not have to pay for a venue. They can also avoid paying for transportation of pictures and other paraphernalia needed during the service. This is especially beneficial if the grieving family is tight on funds. 

More personalization 

A home funeral is a personal experience for the hosts. At home funerals, they have the option to decorate the space with pictures and souvenirs however they see fit. 


A home funeral can provide the best bonding experience for everyone involved. Funeral services can assist with advice and tips for hosting a memorable event. With the help of family and friends, proper planning can make a home funeral a much-needed and beautiful experience.

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