Best DIY Projects for Your New Home

posted by Chris Valentine

Everyone wants their new home to look like most modern homes displayed on the TV. A fully furnished and decorated apartment is only for a few lucky ones. For most of us, we have to go with a basic house with little to no interior décor. But no need to be upset or start life in a plain and boring home as the below listed DIY ideas are meant to spice up your new residence! So why wait? Let’s start the magic!

Bedroom Decor

The place that you’d spent most of your mornings and nights will be the bedroom and designing this place to look extraordinary is crucial. These are some ideas to perform serious magical in your room.

Door Mat Wall And headboard

Doormats are the new way to decorate things in your living space! You can paint a headboard with a nicely patterned doormat. Or have your walls painted this way to exhibit elaborate designs.

Decorated Mirror

You can decorate your simple mirrors with CDs, fabric or paint. This can make them look like masterpieces from current homes.

Wooden Bench

With a few long planks of wood, steel legs, and paints that go with your bedroom walls, you can craft a stylish bench for your room.

Living room

Guests hang out most in the living room, and this place is where you need to invest most of your art pieces in. Here are some ideas for it.


You can place different décor materials on this space. It is perfect for placing diversely colored flower pots. And also small family frames.

Add frames (also to TV)

Frames of different sizes entailing different stories can be hung in your living room to give it an artsy touch. You can take a picture of your family or a painting and build a handmade frame of wood around it to fixate it on the wall.  This can also be done for your TV frame.

Paint it Gold

Whatever anybody says, gold or copper is the latest way to paint your furniture. You can paint your table legs, flower pots, lamps and many other things in gold to make your room look lavish and stylish.

Crate Tables

Do you have spare crates lying around your home? Don’t throw them away and get some legs for them! You can transform them into vintage side tables with the advantage of extra storage inside.


The place where a lot of time is spent in intensive work of creating deliciously edible art pieces. Why not transform this dwelling into an extravagant and modern looking kitchen? Below are some tips.

Pots (hanging)

Pots are present in every kitchen, either by the window sill or in the corner of it. However, hanging them on one of the walls will give your kitchen a more recent look. You can simply attach strings on them and hang them on a dowel rod. Or you can hang them individually by wool strings tied in crossed knots.

Corkboard wall

You will need to keep reminders in your kitchen, and the era of posting them on the fridge is long gone. These days, chalkboard or corkboard wall is being used to place reminders on. As a corkboard is a soft surface and can be easily placed on a wall by adhesive, you can do a lot with them. You can frame them with decorative tape and paint it with diverse colors or white strips to make it look attractive on your wall.

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