Frequently Asked Questions about Skip Hire Services

posted by Chris Valentine

The most convenient way to get rid of household waste is to go for a rubbish removal service. We interacted with a company that deals in Skip Hire in Brisbane to find out what are the frequently asked questions when it comes to skip bin hiring. Let’s find them out:


What can’t be put in the skip bin?

Refrain from putting hazardous materials in the skip bin. Hazardous waste includes substances that contain toxic chemicals and pose a threat to the environment and life. Examples are: paint, solvents, light bulbs, batteries, household cleaners etc. These materials should not be thrown in the skip bin. Hazardous waste can be taken to hazardous waste disposal sites. You can talk to the skip bin service about it and enquire as to what materials are allowed in the skip bin and what materials are a complete no-no. Now that you know what should be done when it comes to hazardous disposals, better get in touch with skip bin services capacitated to handle them adequately. A construction dumpster rental will be what you need to make the process as safe as possible.–

What happens to the rubbish once it is taken away?

It largely depends on the skip service that you have hired. While some skip bin services invest on environment friendly methods to dispose waste, some don’t. Ask your skip bin service whether they recycle the waste or not. It is better to choose a service that recycles as much waste as possible and inflicts less damage to the environment. You wouldn’t want all the waste to end up in landfill.

How high can the bin be filled?

Never overload the skip bin. Skip bins come in various sizes. So before you ask the skip bin service to get one for you, do an analysis of the size of skip bin you will need. It is a good practice to leave the skip bin a little empty rather than overloading it since it causes nuisance and the truck may not take it with them since it is against law to carry unsafe loads.

Where should the skip bin be placed?

It depends on your requirements. You can place it in your yard or outside your property. However, if you want to keep it outside your property, there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed. Enquire about them from the skip bin service. They will also help you out in choosing the right location to place the skip bin on your property.

Are skip bins available for commercial or domestic purposes or both?

Most skip bin services provide their services for both domestic and commercial purposes. Choosing a skip bin for your house or office can help maintain healthy surroundings. So you shouldn’t be thinking twice before hiring them.

Are there any additional charges for keeping the skip bin for more than a few days?

Yes, there will be additional charges which vary from company to company. Some companies charge extra if you exceed 2-3 days of the stipulated time. You can get all this information when you contact a rubbish removal service.

How to choose the best skip bin service?

Depending on your requirement, you can contact the rubbish removal services and ask for a quote. You can also go through their online reviews before making the final decision. Once you have used their service and in case you liked it, do remember to leave a review for them. It helps other people find better services.

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