Clever Storage Hacks for Even the Tiniest Homes

posted by Chris Valentine

Regardless of the size of the home, everyone loves a good storage hack. But when space is limited, it becomes crucial to utilize all available areas. It is even possible to have multi-purpose items that moonlight as storage.

There are a variety of options out there. Some need to be purchased outright, others require creativity and a little skill and elbow grease, and then some need a bit of both.

Read on for some of the best storage hacks out there and you will soon be amazed at the extra room you can free up.

Bedroom Storage Hacks

Many of these ideas can be used in multiple rooms of the house. Just pick the place you think would benefit the most and go for it.

Built-in Storage

One of the most obvious ways to have more storage is to buy it. Shelving units can be purchased from almost any material and available in a variety of sizes. In addition, some beds and headboards have drawers and shelves built right in.

Add Risers Under the Bed

If your bed didn’t come with storage or drawers underneath, it is still not too late to make good use of under the bed.

Adding risers to the bed will open up even more space where you can store totes, boxes, or pretty much anything that will fit. If there is a handyman available, drawers can be also be put in.

Cork Board for Jewelry

An updated version of a corkboard is more than just a place for reminder notes.

By putting a retro frame around it and filling it with small thumbtacks you have a place to put jewelry. Not only does it eliminate the need for a space-hogging jewelry box, but it also makes it easier to reach and keeps it from tangling.

Don’t forget these other unique ideas for organizing your jewelry.

Picture Ledge Equals Small Shelf

If you want a small nightstand but don’t have room for one, a picture ledge can be the next best thing.

Put one up next to your bed to hold your phone, glasses, or other small items.

If you have stairs, you may have room for an office and never knew it.

Hide Extra Sheets Under the Mattress

Sheet sets take up the most space in almost any linen closet. Free up room there by storing your extra sheets where you need them most.

Place folded sheets under the mattress at the foot of the bed. You will most likely never feel or see the extra bulk.

Kitchen Storage Hacks

Almost everyone complains of never having enough room in their kitchen. But these tricks will help you right away.

Look Up

This hack can be used in any room. The space near the ceiling is seldom used. Add shelving there to keep books or store items that are not needed regularly.

Re-Purpose Plastic Magazine Holders

Whether you need more room in the freezer or fridge, turning these handy little holders on their side will create little shelves to eliminate wasted space.

Tension Rods Under the Sink

Under the kitchen sink is a catch-all for so many items. If cleaning supplies in spray bottles are under yours, a tension rod will hold them up and easily accessible for their next use.

Speaking of tension rods, they can be placed close together in a cabinet and used to store baking sheets, muffin tins, or other large flat items instead of being piled all together.

New Use for Flower Pots

Running out of drawer space? Do you have any unused flower pots? Extra flower pots can be used to hold cooking and eating utensils. They also work well for small hand tools or pens and other desk supplies.

Bathroom Storage Hacks

Often, the bathroom is the smallest room in the house. It is also the place where clever hacks will not only save space but also time.

Just like the picture ledge was used in the bedroom for a nightstand, one can also be placed over the bathroom sink.

Sponge holders with suction cups can attach to the mirror to hold makeup and brushes. They can also be put inside the medicine cabinet on the door.

Wire baskets can be hung from the ceiling to hold extra towels, toiletries, and even toilet paper. If you have room over the toilet paper holder, add a small shelf there.

You can also purchase shower curtains with pockets. There are so many things that can just slide in those and never need to take up room on a shelf again.

Unique Organizers

In addition to adding space in the rooms of your home, there are other unique ways to organize.

An old muffin tin will hold extra batteries, nails, tacks, clips, and so many other items. If you want a way to close these items up, try a tackle box.

Jewelry organizers make a great place to hold makeup. Hanging closet organizers can be your new home for toys, games, or even cleaning supplies.

Save your old egg cartons to safely store Christmas decorations or other small fragile items.

When All Else Fails  

Even given your best effort, there are times when you just have more things than you do places to put them. When you have valuable items that you want to keep and do not have a daily need for them, a storage unit is your best option.

Your belongings will be safe and still accessible when you need them. In the Kingston, WA area Kingston Ideal Storage offers solutions for your valuables both large and small.

A Place for Everything

One of the best storage hacks is to have a place for everything. The next step is to actually keep it in that place.

Staying tidy and organized is important when you have limited space. With creative storage hacks, you can design a personalized style while never feeling crowded or overwhelmed.

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