A Homeowner’s Guide to Life in Idaho

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According to the United States Census, about 1.7 million people live in Idaho.

If you’re interested in joining these millions of people in Idaho, there are some things you should know before you decide to move there.

Here are some things to know about life in Idaho!

Plenty of Natural Resources

Idaho is a unique state because it has all kinds of natural resources that you won’t be able to find in some states. In fact, this is why it’s called the Gem State.

You’ll be able to find lead, lumber, silver, zinc, star garnets, jasper, opal, jade, topaz, tourmaline, and zircon.

All of these are mined in Idaho, so you’ll also have plenty of job opportunities in this field if that interests you.

Know What Pests to Expect

Before you move there, you should also figure out what pests you should expect to find there.

Idaho has all kinds of spiders, from black widows to wolf spiders to jumping spiders and hobo spiders. Most of these will nest and live outdoors, but every now and then, they might find their way into your home.

In addition to spiders, you might notice some carpenter ants in your yard or home. If your house isn’t structurally sound, the ants might take that as an invitation and start building their home in yours.

However, these two aren’t the only common pests that you’ll find in Idaho. To discover more out, check out the ultimate guide to Eagle Pest Control.

The Job Market

Before you should move to Idaho, make sure that you have a job lined up.

If you have a career in government or healthcare, you’ll find lots of job opportunities. The National Interagency Fire Center and the U.S. Forest Service are located here, so you’ll likely be able to find plenty of jobs at those agencies.

Depending on where you live, St. Luke’s and Saint Alphonsus also have large hospital systems that you could find a job in.

However, these two sectors aren’t the only job opportunities there. Another large sector is agriculture. Because Idaho is so spaced out, a lot of the land is farmland. Someone has to take care of it, which leaves plenty of jobs open.

The minimum wage here is low compared to the national average at $7.25. However, Idaho has one of the lowest employment rates in the country.

The Best Cities

Before you just pick a random place to live in, make sure that you do your research so that you don’t end up moving to a city that is too expensive or too crowded.

Some of the most expensive cities in Idaho include Eagle, Sandpoint, Preston, and Hayden. On the other hand, cheaper cities include Rexburg, Chubbuck, Idaho Falls, and Blackfoot.

You should also look at Google Maps to see what’s in the area and see how close you’ll be to the grocery store or hospitals. If you already have a job lined up, make sure that it’s within a reasonable driving distance.

Plenty of Adventurous Opportunities

One reason many people move to Idaho is that it offers all kinds of adventurous opportunities.

You could go whitewater rafting one weekend and then go camping under the stars next. There are plenty of companies that will let you rent equipment to plan your trip or guide you through an area that you’re interested in.

For some intense river rafting, check out the Snake River or the Salmon River.


You’ve probably heard of how Idaho is famous for their potatoes, and yes, it’s true.

Potatoes are the main crop of Idaho, and they even made an Idaho Potato Museum dedicated to all of the locally-grown potatoes. Because of the soil and climate that Idaho has, it makes it the perfect place to grow this food.

However, that’s not the only thing they produce. Idaho also produces dairy products, beets, onions, peas, barley, and plums.

The Housing Market

the housing market is also an incredibly important thing to consider.

The average price of a home in Idaho is around $374,000 and the rent is around $1,200 (depending on where you look). If you’re trying to make money off real estate, this is a great place to do it as the housing market is growing more and more, and houses on the market are appreciating.


While Idaho doesn’t have any major team in basketball, the National Football League, or in any national team really people are die-hard Boise State Broncos fans.

If you live here long enough, you might even find yourself cheering for them at a weekend game!


If politics are incredibly important to you, you might be wondering what the views of most people here are.

In fact, Idaho is more of a red-leaning state. It has four electoral college votes that normally vote for the Republican candidate. Both of the Senators from Idaho are also Republicans.

If you have more blue views, you might get into some heated debates with some people in this state, and you will be in the minority when voting Democratic.

Learn More About Life in Idaho

These are only a few things to know about life in Idaho, but there are many more things you should research before you move there.

We know that moving anywhere or exploring a new place can be exhausting and overwhelming, but thankfully you don’t have to do it on your own.

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