How to Select the Correct Crane for your Construction Project  

posted by Chris Valentine

When you’re talking about cranes, it’s likely that you already have an image in your mind of what they look like, but from looming over cities in highrise construction to compact models sliding through doorframes, cranes have more diversity than we could possibly discuss in one article.

With that said, how are you supposed to find the ideal model for your project with so many variations readily available? Not all of us know what we need when we need it, and with the complexity most construction entails, hiring a crane can be a tricky extra addition to your workload if you don’t know what questions to ask.


What do you need?

A question that’s easier asked than answered, deciding what role necessitates the use of a crane should be your number one priority in deciding what to go with. Though a larger, bulkier model will have a higher weight capacity for heavier materials in a project in small quarters, it may leave you stuck outside looking in. On the flipped side of things, while a smaller, more agile model can fit into tight areas and perform more delicate work with speed, a lighter weight capacity makes it a difficult sell for heavier duty projects. While you may not be able to find one machine that ticks all your boxes, finding the model that covers the most ground will save you a lot of unnecessary drama in the long term.

Do You Know Your Surroundings?

If after choosing the biggest, strongest machine you can find, a blocked road or skinny side-street is getting between you and quality construction, then it may be time to go back to the drawing board. Though the construction site is where the action is, finding a crane that can get to its post without too much hassle is an annoying but inevitable extra consideration in your project’s process.

The solution is all in making concessions, as there are models out there that will have good maneuverability while still packing a punch, and projects in suburban areas where this would likely be most troublesome won’t require the highest level of lifting power, and compromise is a lot better than catastrophe.

How Big is Your Project?

A 10ft ladder won’t get you over a 40ft wall, so hiring a crane that doesn’t reach the task will get you nowhere. Luckily, while making sure you are finding the right size of crane for the job is imperative to a successful day of construction, having the blueprint or measurements of your project on hand should keep you from making a sizable error in judgement.

While definitely a daunting decision, knowing what information you need will help you make the ideal commitments for your project.

Most crane hire companies should be able to guide your choices in a positive and helpful way, but having the answers to these questions in mind will make sure that you will be getting the correct crane for your construction project.

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