Will You Inspire Change in Someone with an Addiction?

posted by Chris Valentine

Will You Inspire Change in Someone with an Addiction?

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If you asked 100 people randomly if they knew someone with a drug addiction, the unfortunate thing is many would probably answer yes.

While millions and millions of Americans go through their lives without the slightest urges to become addicted to one or more drugs, others are not as fortunate.

Whether it was hanging around with the wrong crowd, being in a bad accident or needing surgery and becoming addicted to painkillers, or going off the deep end following a tragic turn of events in one’s life, the reasons for becoming addicted to drugs can run the gamut.

With that being the case, you may very well find a time (or two) in life when you will need to be the person who tries to help a family member or friend break a drug addiction.

The question then becomes, will you inspire change in someone with an addiction?

Where Do You Start?

In getting someone over a drug addiction, there are likely many questions that will pop into your mind.

For starters, will the person you are trying to help actually want assistance, especially from someone rather close to them?

In some cases, asking a friend or family member for help when battling drugs can be one of the toughest things for a person to do.

The problem begins with being embarrassed to reach out to someone they know for help. Secondly, they may be afraid that admitting they have an issue with drugs will lead to a break or even termination in the relationship. Third, there is always the fear of feeling like they let someone down, someone who in turn is really close to them in their life. Lastly, where to go to seek help and how to pay for it can oftentimes stand out as the biggest stumbling blocks.

Whether one decides to look at Balboa Horizons or another such facility to help someone close to them, it is always important to be supportive and not judgmental.

With those challenges in mind, you can be an inspiration to someone fighting a drug addiction.

Among the ways to do this:

  1. Admit your own shortcomings – One method that can make it easier to help someone with a drug addiction is by admitting your own shortcomings. While you may have never battled drugs or alcohol addictions in your life, you might have had challenges with money, marriage, raising kids, careers etc. Showing someone with a drug addiction that it is okay to admit failures and life, yet do everything you can to get back up on your own two feet, is perfectly normal and quite frankly perfectly acceptable;

  3. Be there for them through thick and thin – By being there through the good and the bad times, you show someone you know with a drug addiction that you are in fact a true friend or family member. Sure, some people say they will be there for someone no matter what, but that has proven to not always be the case. While you may need some tough love along the way, never turn your back on someone with a drug addiction for the simple reason that you might be their last hope for turning their life around;

  5. Show them the light – One of the best ways to help someone close to you with a drug addiction is showing them that there is in fact light at the end of the tunnel. Whether they have children in their life, a career that could be lost, caring parents, the list can be endless. Demonstrating to someone that they have so much to live for is critical. Always highlight the positive and don’t dwell on the negative. Sure, it is easy to get frustrated with them at times, give them reason for hope and not despair.

Living a long and healthy life should be the goal for everyone, including those dealing with a drug addiction or other serious challenges in life.

When you are there as a friend and supporter of someone battling drug addiction, you are already taking the most important first step you can.

Make sure you continue those steps in being by their side from start to finish.

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