Listing Photos of Your Property Ups the Chances of Selling it

posted by Chris Valentine

If you are planning to sell your home, getting the best price for it becomes your sole aim. However, you will only get your price, if you position it well to convince the buyer that he is being offered the best. For this, mere description will not do, you will need to list the photos of your property. This is because pics make the first impression on potential buyers.

Listing photos also give the buyers a fair idea of your home without having to visit it in the first instance. However, your pics need to be attractive enough. If what they see does not appeal to them, they will never visit your property.

Let’s see how you can make your listing photos attractive to potential buyers:

#1 Hire a professional photographer   

If you think pictures taken from a smartphone will do, think again. A professional photographer not only has the best equipment and lighting arrangements but also knows how to dress up the rooms to make them attractive. Furthermore, they are also experts in photoshopping the pictures to make them more appealing to the viewers. Professional photographers cost money. Like you cater to real estate agent fees, cater to professional photographer’s fee, too. This will be money well spent.

#2 Present your home in sale worthy condition

Would you even bother to visit a home for buying, if you find the pics showing messy rooms, unmade beds, cluttered driveway, etc.? Of course, not. All this muck makes for ugly photos and may deter a potential buyer from ever visiting your home. So, ensure your premises are spic and span with things stored in proper places, before photographing.

#3 Avoid irrelevant details 

Buyers are not interested in seeing your family members reclining on sofas or sprawled on beds or smiling into the camera in your listing photos. Also, do not let your cars be seen on the driveway or toys floating in your pool. Depersonalize the space to show it as it is to the buyers. What you can do is to rearrange the furniture, tidy up the rooms, add vases with fresh flowers, repaint portions of the walls that need repainting, set the dining table, etc. to make the pics appear welcoming.

#4 Show the view that windows overlook

A photograph of a window with a view is much more appealing than the one without. A clean window not only displays what it overlooks but also emphasizes the streaming in natural light through it. This aspect assumes importance in the case of a beach house, where you want to show the ocean view from inside the house. To show these, don’t cover the windows with blinds or curtains.

#5 Don’t ignore the outside

The potential homebuyers would like to see how you have kept your outside premises, so ensure your driveway is free of clutter, hedges are trimmed, and fallen leaves are swept off. Ensure that your garden implements are not scattered around, and the outdoor pool is clean, and deck chairs are properly arranged. Also, remove your cars from the driveway, as buyers would like to see the condition of the driveway.

#6 Highlight the best features

You don’t have to show every inch of your home in photographs. Select the best features of your home, such as an updated kitchen, marble fireplace, outdoor swimming pool, swing, and the like. One such quality picture may become the front picture in your listing. Your realtor may be the best person to tell you how to sell your home, but it is your photographer who is best qualified to highlight the finest features of your home in the listing photos.

#7 Be selective with listing photos

There is no point in inundating your property listing with hundreds of photographs from every angle. Select only a few quality photos that cover all aspects of your home. This is enough to give a fair idea to the buyer about your home.


Listing photos ups the chance of being viewed by potential home buyers and convince them to visit it, thereby increasing the chances of selling. Hiring a professional photographer becomes indispensable in clicking quality photos.

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