Ways to Clean a Shower Head

posted by Chris Valentine

Cleaning your shower head is important because there are mineral deposits that come from water build up in the holes of your showerhead and reduces the flow of water in your shower. It is frustrating when you want to take a quick shower and water does not flow fully through the shower heads. It is a common thing that happens to most showers but cleaning your shower head as often as you can reduce the chances of getting it clogged.

This article discusses ways of how to clean your shower head.

1. Disconnect the shower head from the shower.

Before starting cleaning the shower head, you need to follow the instructions on the manual if you do not have ideas on how to disconnect it. Most shower heads just twist off and are easy to disconnect but yours might be different. If your shower head is still under the warranty, make sure you follow the instructions according to the package. When purchasing a shower head, go for one that is easy to clean and maintain. You may ask for professional help through the internet and you can read more here to decide which shower head works best for you.

2. Deep clean the shower head

After getting the shower head off, you can rinse out any goop that may be inside of it then take a toothbrush and scrub the shower head. You can choose to use vinegar and water when scrubbing off the dirt to loosen it then use a toothpick to clean the crevasses of the shower head. Soaking the disassembled parts of the shower overnight in vinegar will make it easy for you to clean up the clogged shower head. After scrubbing every part of it, rinse it properly on running water. Make sure the water you use to rinse the shower heads with is clean and detergent free. This will help you see any debris left on the clefts and decide if you need to do the scrubbing again.

3. Reassemble and reinstall your shower head.

You need to ensure that the shower arm has a good seal and you can do this by wrapping a plumbing tape around its threads. It is important to make sure that the showerhead is connected properly then leave the shower running for some time until the water coming out does not have the smell of vinegar if you used some when cleaning the shower head. If the shower heads are not connected properly, there could be a risk especially if it is connected to electricity for hot showers. You need to consult someone who has an idea of reconnecting it if you can’t do it yourself.

Dirty shower heads are health hazards. You need to clean them more often to make sure that the water running down the shower head is clean and safe for a bath. Most people clean the whole bathroom but forget the shower heads and only find it necessary to clean them when water stops flowing through them. Make it a routine and enjoy uninterrupted showers.

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