6 Ways To Prolong Your Solar Panels

posted by Chris Valentine

Buying solar panels for your home is an excellent way to prepare for the future. With the cost of energy currently skyrocketing all across the U.S. and abroad, everyone can make use of an alternative form of energy, particularly those that can help you and your family to save money. However, before you make an investment in one of the latest solar panels Brisbane options available today, please take a look at the following 6 ways to prolong your solar panels.

1. Make a Schedule for Maintenance — To Keep Your solar Panels in the Best Condition

If you want to lengthen the life of the solar panels that you have purchased, you can benefit greatly from creating a schedule to maintain them regularly. By proactively making a plan to clean and maintain your solar panels, you can avoid some of the typical problems that some homeowners encounter today. For instance, the schedule that you make should take into account the location. Based on the location of its installation (high up in the sky or near the ground), you may remove all of the dust and debris only once in a while during the year. For instance, the ground-mounted solar array models have been designed to be much more accessible to clean easily.

2. Make sure the Plan for Cleaning Fits the Types of Solar Panel that you Purchased

After you have a plan, you need to make sure the cleaning method for cleaning suits that particular type of solar panel. For instance, some solar panels have been designed for various kinds of all-natural cleaning methods since the rain can wash away the dirt and debris from solar panels that are higher up. Alternatively, the opposite cleaning requirements are needed for solar panels that are easy to reach. Therefore, you should other manual cleaning treatments and maintenance that are noted by the manufacturer.

3. Remove the leaves off of the Solar Panels for Longevity

Throughout the year and seasonal changes, solar panels can easily be affected by leaves that fall into your solar panel. In fact, these leaves can make a huge difference in how long your solar panels will actually last. Because leaves may cause a certain amount of degradation in the quality of these panels, removing the leaves regularly is one of the keys to prolonging the life of your solar panels.

4. Read the Instructions on Each Set of Solar Panels that You Buy for the best maintenance

When you make your plans to keep these solar panels in good condition, you need to consider the materials that your solar panels have been constructed of. For instance, some solar panels are made of tempered glass in its overall design and they can withstand hail strikes because of their durability. However, even though this is true, you should always be careful when you clean and maintain them. This is because of the damage that can be done over time.

5. Protect the Coatings on Your Solar Panels

Another key to prolonging the life of your solar panels is to protect the coating that they have on top of them. Based on the manufacturer’s design, solar panels can be made with top protective coatings that keep them from having reflective properties in the sun. These coatings will prevent the solar panels from being adversely affected by the rain, snow, and hail since the top layer is made of water-repellant substances. In these cases, you should always avoid using any type of chemicals that will remove the top layers and coatings of your solar panels.

6. Clean with Gentle Dishwashing Liquids

Before you begin the cleaning and maintenance of your solar panels, you need to know which cleaning products will extend your solar panel’s life and which types of methods will cause significant damages. For instance, when you buy your cleaning products, you need to look for liquid detergents that are gentle and not harsh. You should avoid cleaning products like Windex that have chemicals in their solutions, particularly because some of these chemicals can compromise the effectiveness and the durability of your solar panels over time.

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