10 Trending Home Design

posted by Chris Valentine

Contemporary home design trends take inspiration from many sources. All modern homeowners should be aware of the way that modern trends can impact their own living spaces. Working with Logan Builder Q Coast Homes helps anyone find the kind of home design that suits their needs best.

Asian Inspiration

Asian cultures are highly diverse. Today’s homeowners are finding many Asian countries offer them something they can appreciate. Lacquered cabinets with deep patina, vivid red everywhere and the use of interior design concepts such as feng shui add a sense of unity and underlying harmony.

Cozy Beds

With the busy modern world surrounding people at every turn, people look for ways to retreat and relax. Four poster beds are in style again as a way to get a good night’s sleep and a place to find peace inside.

Engaging Eclecticism

Varying kinds of design elements in a single space have always been welcome. The modern take is about using these elements well and bringing them together to make any room sparkle with personality. Look for items from estate sales for interesting treasures to bring home.

Hand Painting

Modern homeowners want something unique. They yearn for items that indicate care was taken in making them. Hand painting in places like walls adds details and flow while still preserving the underlying structure of the home.

Indoors and Outdoors

The outdoors are incredibly inviting. People want to use them at home. A glorious indoor garden filled with herbs, plants and dwarf trees are one way people are getting the outdoors in their own personal spaces.

Luxury Bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. Homeowners today want bathrooms with innate appeal. They are looking for features such as spa tubs that allow them to let go of the cares of the day and find a space devoted to their well being. Large soaking tubs let every member of the family enjoy the same feeling.

Modern Minimalism

Minimalism is about having spaces that speak of appreciation for the spaces and a desire to pare it all down to the very essentials. Homeowners are using this concept to create homes that let them show off the best parts of their homes. A spare entryway leading into an ethereal dining room makes it easy for people to adhere to such welcome contemporary concepts about the use of interior spaces.

Multiple Terraces

Terraces are the ideal outdoor spaces. People want innovative and interesting terraces in their own home. A set of terraces that lead from the backyard to the rest of the home make it easy to use as much outdoor space as possible all year long. Terraces with built-ins like places to sit and barbecue are also being seen by many home designers. People like the idea of having plantings on each level where they can grow their favorite herbs and bring in boxes full of overflowing, fragrant plants.

Sustainable Flooring

Flooring is an important part of any decor plan. Homeowners today want flooring that is beautiful but also treads lightly on the earth at the same time. Options like bamboo are easily grown quickly and harvested as needed for flooring. They also look fantastic. Lots of other flooring materials are equally useful and green. Stone floors can be polished and make use of widely available local materials at the same time. Tiles made from earth using pigments that are made from non-toxic chemicals are another, widely popular choice that people like as they are elegant and easy to incorporate into any home plan.

Understated Colors

Colors deserve special attention when planning a series of different types of rooms. Modern colors lend any home lots of welcome sophistication. Cool colors such as ultraviolet and dusty rose add zing without overpowering interior spaces. Designers are showing off contrasting shades like navy against white for a look that is dramatic but also highly classical. People are looking for colors they can live with in their own homes. Homeowners can take advantage of such thoughtful color schemes and find one that appeals to them best.

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