5 Key Ways to Make Your Room Cooler in the Summer

posted by Chris Valentine

Summertime means backyard barbecue parties, road trips with friends, poolside fun… the list is endless. But summer also means 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

Yes, scorching sun and sweltering heat can take the fun out of your summer, especially if you’re spending most of your time indoors. The good news is there are measures you can take to combat the heat and ensure you and your loved ones don’t have to keep wiping the sweat off your faces.

Ready to beat the heat?

Here are effective ways to make your room cooler.

1. Unleash Your Air Conditioner

Of course, an AC is the most powerful tool you can use to regulate your indoor temperature.

However, just having an AC isn’t enough. If you have a unit that only comes to life when summer rolls around, you’ve got to ensure it’s ready for the task that’s coming. Although dusting it and changing the filter might be all it needs, it’s better to call in an AC services provider to give it a complete tune-up.

And if you don’t have an AC, it’s time to invest in one. It will set you back at least $1,500, but you’ll enjoy the benefits. In fact, you can go a step further and buy a thermostat to intelligently regulate your house temperature.

2. Make Your Bed Summer-Friendly

Is there anything as uncomfortable as a sweaty night?

This is why it’s advisable to ensure your bed is ready to handle the summer heat. Sheets made out of a breathable material such as cotton, linen, or percale will go a long way in keeping you cool at night.

Or if you have got a stash of cash to spend, don’t shy away from buying a set of temperature-regulating sheets.

3. Shut the Blinds

Are you the kind of person who steps out without shutting the blinds? If yes, you aren’t alone. Most of us want to let in the natural light.

During summer, however, this is a wrong move. As the sun shines, the rays will gradually build into heat in your house. And when you come back, you’ll have to contend with high room temperatures.

If you don’t have blinds, hang a white or warm-colored curtain or sheet in front of the window. Warm colors like red and yellow radiate heat.

4. Fit a Reflective Film on Your Windows

Blinds and curtains will help to keep your room cool, but they can only do so much. Fitting a reflective film on your windows is the masterstroke. The film will still allow in natural light, but it will reflect away most of the rays so your room doesn’t heat up.

5. Plug off the Electronics

This is another common habit. Even when trying to lower energy bills, plugging off electronics is the last thing on your mind.

For the sake of keeping your house cool over summer, though, you better start disconnecting your devices and appliances from the power grid. When plugged in (even if turned off), electronics still give off heat, making your room hotter.

Implement These Ways to Make Your Room Cooler

Summer is a time to have fun, but the heat can ruin the party.

Fortunately, keeping the heat in check shouldn’t be a problem. From costly measures such as installing an AC to simple hacks like shutting the blinds, there isn’t a shortage of ways to make your room cooler.

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