Why a Garden is Good for the Soul

posted by Chris Valentine

In today’s hectic, fast paced society, relaxation and self-reflection has fell to the wayside and instead, a person finds themselves constantly on the go, rushing from one location to another, and taking on project after project with no end in sight. The simple moments that a person needs to maintain clarity and sanity are no longer on the top of their priority list. It is time to regain these moments, however, and stop stealing them whenever possible by forcing yourself to relax as per a project that thrives on timelines!

A project to tackle that can provide numerous benefits from extra money in your pocket, to exercise, to fresh air and the great outdoors is to plant a garden of your choosing. A person has options when it comes to planting a garden ranging from vegetables to herbs to flowers to shrubs or a combination of all, space permitting!

Let’s take a more detailed look into the numerous benefits offered by gardening and why it is good for the body and the soul!

It’s Calming

People tend to forget that gardening can be a wonderful way to unwind and de-stress after a hard day or week. Yes, there is physical labour involved while gardening, regardless if you have a window box garden or a decent plot of land outside your door. The simple repeated acts of shifting through the soil, smelling the fresh air, and weeding out harmful plants can be a way to clear your mind and even help deal with anxiety. Maybe you reached a stubborn section of dirt or a deeply rooted weed that needs to go – channel some of the frustration experienced on a daily basis into these tasks!

Reduce Stress – Choose the Right Tools and Seeds

If you are a new time or amateur gardener and find the unlimited options for garden tools overwhelming, stress and anxiety can prevail, making the idea of a garden unappealing. Drop by your local home hardware store or a nursery to speak to a professional or join a workshop offered in your community with emphasis on gardening and where to start. Consult the internet for numerous chat groups and websites dedicated to offering you real reviews on seeds and tools, from roses to carrots, and trowels to gardening gloves. Check out the comprehensive website BackYard Boss for any questions or concerns regarding the right tools for you and your specific body type. They offer numerous reviews on everything from knee pads to a water hose.

Sense of Accomplishment

There aren’t many feelings that can compare to the one of total accomplishment that comes from looking at a project that took valuable time, energy while being able to touch or taste the rewards. When you harvest your first meal of fresh vegetables or receive yet another compliment on your rosebushes, a sense of pride wells up inside you. This gratification is sometimes all you need to feel that you are making a contribution to your household and even the community. This feeling is addictive and will drive you to duplicate it as much as you possibly can.

Step Away from Technology – Go Outside

A garden is a good way to force you to step outside the door and breathe the fresh air while putting down the phone or remote. Today’s modern technology is quite captivating and extremely beneficial in all areas but there are also some downfalls associated with it as well. People are becoming less social and less active, preferring to spending large amounts of time on the computer or at a smartphone rather than engaging in a productive task. Gardening encourages a person to go outside their home and breathe the fresh air, feel the sun on your face and just experience nature in its element. This feeling of being at one with nature is reminiscent of childhood, when the majority of your time was spent digging in the dirt without a care in the world.

Physical Benefits

Studies have proven that from small children ranging up to adults, people are not spending enough time outside or even moving enough to create a physical benefit. Technology has created a sedentary lifestyle for most households and the problems this creates are visible. Obesity and heart disease, along with osteoporosis, is on the rise globally. People are experiencing health problems at a younger age, drawing on your financial savings, along with employers and government resources for health care.

Gardening can add a much need physical boost into your daily routine, even with the simple act of going outside and watering the plot. Gardening creates movement and can burn up to approximately 330 calories just with an hour of light gardening and puttering around, weeding and whatnot.


Gardening can be a solitary endeavour or something that is shared by your entire family. It is a way to get in touch with nature and reconnect to you as a person. Leave your worries and stress in the dirt at your fingertips and bond with your children and/or partner. Save on money by providing fresh vegetables for the dinner table or stop on your way to work and smell the roses, literally!

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