Selling Your Home? Not Before You Consider These 5 Upgrades

posted by Chris Valentine

At the end of the day, the reason why you are selling your home isn’t important. What is important, however, is making sure you receive top dollar for it. Put emotional value aside and take a good objective look at your house. What areas can be improved? Which ones should be prioritized? Before placing your home on the market, consider making these upgrades.


The bathroom is one of the few things that can either make or break a real estate deal. And considering you spend a good percentage of your life in that room, it only makes sense that potential buyers are easily swayed into a decision after seeing it.

Simply put, no one wants to use an out-dated bathroom. If a total remodel is not feasible, then pay attention to key areas in the space. Having both a tub and shower stall is an ideal vision, but if space is limited, invest in a great shower. Buy energy-efficient showerheads and toilets. Saving money in utility bills is always a unique selling point to potential homebuyers.


If the kitchen has no brand-new appliances, don’t bother placing it on the market. Potential homeowners are quick to note any scratches, dents, or stains in the kitchen area and will be turned off by the damage.

Fortunately, the majority of these upgrades can be done within a small amount of time, which is great when you need to take advantage of an ever-changing market.


Not only do windows change the look of a property, but replacing them with brand new energy-efficient ones, makes for another great selling point. Many windows are now energy-efficient, too. So, you don’t have to compromise your sense of style when going green.

The right window replacement company will help you choose the best option for your home and budget, and will stand behind their products and installation. Visit Centennial Windows & Doors to peruse the most popular window styles including:

  • bay windows
  • fixed windows
  • bow windows
  • casement windows
  • picture windows (which are very much in vogue)

Each style has its benefits. Bay windows give the home a different esthetic and create space, while picture windows allow for more light to come in, naturally helping to keep the place warm.

Curb Appeal

Go across the street and take a look at your home. Make note of what can be fixed to improve your curb appeal. Many times, beautiful homes are covered up from overgrown shrubbery and fallen leaves piled up on the front lawn. Make sure to clean up the front steps and doorway area, too.

You should also power wash any walkways or driveways, and only add plants and flowers if you can maintain them. If not, keeping a simple yet clean exterior is best. These are quick fixes that can instantaneously transform the property.

House Exterior

With time, even the most well-maintained home is going to show some wear. Replace any shingles that may have become loose or broken. If you have chipped paint, give the whole house another coat. For visual flair, change up the colors and make sure you’re working with colors appropriate to the era.

Follow these steps and you’ll be well on your way to selling your home at or above asking. Get started this holiday season and enjoy a new year with your old property sold!

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