How Often Should You Check Your Roof for Maintenance?

posted by Chris Valentine

Most people never check the state of their roof. They may often ask themselves do roofs, even require maintenance? The answer is that a roof doesn’t require that much attention. However, it’s really important to schedule a time to have a professional inspect whether it’s in good condition or not. This article is going to tell you how often you need to check your roof for maintenance and how you can look out for the things that indicate that the time for maintenance has come around.

Here are 5 signs that show that your roof requires maintenance.

Finding a leak

Maintenance time is easily spotted the moment you see there’s a leak anywhere from your roof. You generally want to contact a professional immediately after spotting, there’s a leak anywhere because that leak can evolve into a problem that can potentially cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. Having a professional take a look at your rooftop to fix any issues and prevent them from happening in the future can buy you a lot of time until your next maintenance session is due.

If there was a storm

Extremely windy weather can be horrible for your rooftop as the wind can carry a lot of potential problems with it, especially since most objects blown over your rooftop by the wind go by unnoticed until it’s too late. It’s always better to play it safe than sorry, so get a professional to take a look at your rooftop after a storm in order to avoid any surprises that drop by and hurt your property and cripple your wallet. The same applies to when it’s extremely rainy or if it has recently snowed/hailed a fair amount in the past few days, as both of those can be horrible for your rooftop if not designed to withstand such weather.

The age of your rooftop’s material

An easy way to determine whether or not your rooftop requires any maintenance is to check how old your rooftop is and what material it was made of. Some areas like Long Island are known to use asphalt as the most common material for rooftops and that material usually lasts anywhere from 25-30 years. Experienced rooftop repairmen over at, understands the rooftop needs of people living in Long Island. And as they say, one should always head to an experienced local company to help out with roof maintenance as it will be significantly beneficial for everyone involved. Hiring an experienced roofer will be surprisingly efficient as they will already know what to look for what may have caused it.

If there’s clear vegetation

While having greenery around your house may be something you’re happy about, having greenery on your rooftop is the complete opposite. It’s almost always a bad sign to see greenery and vegetation growing/approaching your rooftop. That’s why most homeowners trim away any tree branches approaching their roof, as they’re often seen as potentially damaging to the roof of your house. You can identify that some maintenance is due to your household if you spot any vegetation growing which often lead to leaks and potential damage if left ignored for a long period of time.

If there’s a clear damage

If your rooftop has a bunch of tiles that are clearly collapsing while the others aren’t looking like they’re in the greatest state, then it’s probably time to get your roof checked. If you notice the shingles starting to curl upwards or starting to buckle, then it’s also another clear indicator that you need to contact a professional to help with repairing and maintaining your rooftop before the tiles get damaged beyond repair. Putting off rooftop repair will only escalate the problem further, so keeping your rooftop in check at all times saves you a lot more time, money, and effort than just leaving it for a long amount of time without any maintenance. Once you spot a problem that seems like it can escalate, do something before it does.

In general, you won’t find yourself getting your rooftop checked as often as you think you would, but if you’re a homeowner then it’s much better to stay ahead of any problem so that you maintain your property’s value. Whenever you spot a problem with your rooftop or whenever you feel like it’s due for some maintenance, don’t hesitate to get someone to take a look at it. Most people notice problematic roofs during winter as they will notice leaks when it rains. This creates a peak season for roofing repairs. You can often find better deals in the slow season and it may be cheaper to ask for an inspection during the summer time — to just save yourself a bit of cash.

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