Finding the Right Support: How to Choose a Tech Support Company

posted by Chris Valentine

Small companies lose an average of $100,000 due to downtime and data loss when something like ransomware infiltrates their computer system.

Businesses that suffer the most loss are ones that do not have a tech support company behind them as security and backup measure.

So, if your IT person is a tech-savvy employee or a friend who helps out when you get stumped, it might be time to invest in professional support.

Use these tips to find the right company that will protect you from the start and is there when your business is on the line.

Good Customer Service

Dealing with a tech company that does not have a direct customer service line can leave you frustrated.

PC support gets very technical, so having someone who speaks to you in layman terms can avoid confusion when trying to explain your problem. You want a company that knows their stuff but also has great people skills.

Fast Response Time

The best reasons to get professional IT tech help are that it can save you from downtime and potential loss of profit. You shouldn’t have to wait for a technician to either come to your business or speak with you over the phone.

You can ask what the turn-around time is for repairs. And even better, see if you have a personal technician that you can call directly if there are problems.

Also, you want to make sure that you have 24/7 coverage in case a problem occurs in the middle of the night.

Backs Up Your Data

IT tech support doesn’t just include fixing errors, it should also mean that your data is backed up by the third party.

The best companies hold all of your data in a secure, offline location. So, if your system crashed, it can easily be restored.

Holds Technical Credentials

There are many scams if you search for computer help near me. You may get in contact with someone who does not hold certifications that qualifies them to fix your computers.

Certifications are not the only credentials to consider. You also want to make sure their business is registered. If they are, then the contract you sign will be legitimate, and you won’t be scammed.

Not a One-size Fits All

You don’t want to pay for the same service as a company that houses 10 times the amount of data and deals with more tech issues than you.

As a small company, the time and resources spent will be much less. You want to pay for only the service you need.

If the company charges a flat fee, see how much time and data is included and if they offer several package deals. Also, look for any additional or hidden fees. You want to pay everything up front to avoid extras during a time of stress.

Positive Reviews

The company’s reputation should be considered just like any other business. Look to see how long they have been in operation and what their customers say about them.

Online reviews can help, but they can be fabricated. Try getting personal recommendations from other companies before blindly choosing one online.

Tech Support Company Improve Your Business

The main reason to choose a tech support company is to avoid the hassle of handling problems in-house. Plus, you can save money if you do not have to hire a team of IT employees that you may not need full-time.

Check out the business section of our blog to find more ways that you can increase the efficiency of your company.

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