Nurturing Nature: Turning Your Backyard into a Personal Paradise

posted by Chris Valentine

Professional landscape design is the simplest and easiest way to transform a tired outdoor space and with the help of the experts, you do not have to lift a finger. All you have to do is let them know what you want and watch the ideas become a reality.

On the other hand, not everybody prefers such a hands-off approach.

Experienced gardeners might prefer to strike a more personal balance by hiring a landscaping company, to lay the foundations and adding extra details by themselves.

If this sounds like your backyard dream, keep reading for advice on how to take your landscaping to the next level.

Dress Up Your Tree Stumps

Getting rid of fully grown trees is no easy feat.

Landscapers can cut them down, dig them out and take steps to ensure that they do not grow back, but it is an arduous process. They may have to remove a significant portion of the earth to reach the roots. It is an option, but so is simply cutting the tree down and dressing up what gets left behind.

In other words, cut out the middle of leftover tree stumps and use them as garden planters. You can fill them with brightly coloured flowers and creepers which will eventually wind around the wood and create a beautiful scene. It is just one example of how versatile your backyard can be if you inject a little creativity and imagination.

Save Space with Espaliers

Even if your backyard is smaller than you would like, you can still grow beautiful shrubs and tall plants. In fact, espaliers are perfect in tight spaces, because they grow big but not very wide. They thrive best when planted against a wall or fence, where they will expand and extend while flattened out.

If you prefer a more precise and decorative approach, it is easy to create patterns with espaliers by using bamboo poles to encourage branches in certain directions. Alternatively, you could let nature do its thing and sit back and watch a thriving, living wall emerge. Espaliers are excellent for planting against the house, a garage, a fence, or a shed.

Mulch and Mulch Again

Mulch has been referred to as ‘the carpet of the garden’, because it creates a unified and cohesive aesthetic. When applied to flower beds and exposed soil, mulch conceals colour discrepancies and makes your backyard look polished and perfect. Of course, the benefits do not stop there, because mulch is primarily used to deter weeds.

If you cover your flowerbeds with it, they will get extra nutrients, and it will be harder for unwanted invaders to creep in. The most common types of mulch are gravel, stone, wood chip, pebbles, slate, and shingle. However, if you want a natural aesthetic, wood chips are probably the best choice.

Consider a Water Feature

Water features do not have to be complex or difficult to maintain.

They can be small, modest, and subtle, and add a whole new element to a backyard, as the constant movement of the water creates unique sounds. There are few things as soothing as being able to sit out on the deck or porch, during a summer evening, and listen to the soft babbling of a mini fountain.

Alternatively, if you would prefer a pond, you could even add a few fish.

Lots of homeowners dream of owning a natural paradise, where birds and other wildlife come to play. If you want to be a haven for critters and creatures, you have got to give them something to explore. Plant brightly coloured flowers which pollinators love, provide a drinking source and make sure that you include plenty of shrubs and bushes for shelter.

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