Cuteness Contouring – The 5 Makeup Trends to Embrace in 2017

posted by Chris Valentine

The painstaking process of creating an optical illusion out of your face, also known as contouring, is finally on its way out. This year’s beauty trend aim to be a little less aggressively time consuming and little more cute and girly.

Makeup trends this year are either youthful throwback looks or bold runway looks made wearable. If you combine a few trends from both categories, you’ll be guaranteed to look and feel like the coolest of Disney princesses.

Natural Brows

Thankfully, Cara Delevingne has already taught us to stop tweezing our eyebrows so much, and in 2017 we take this look even further and stop filling them in quite so much. The new eyebrow trend is almost a boyish look, going along with the overarching youthful themes we’re seeing in makeup. All you need is a bit of tinted gel, which is easy to find easily if you buy makeup online, and you can forget all about those pencils and tweezers.

The great part about this trend is that growing your eyebrows out doesn’t have any of the potentially awkward consequences that tweezing them does, such as over plucking or being stuck looking surprised all the time.

Glossy lips

The return of lip gloss is another 2017 makeup trend that is sure to make our lives easier and cheaper. Every chemist has stocked this preteen favorite since the 90’s and now it’s back to being on our shopping list at the same affordable price it was when we were 14. In fact, why stop with glossy lips? The gloss trend also extends to use on the eyes and skin!

A little lip gloss will give your lips a youthful shine that makes your whole face brighter.

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Bold blush

Bold, 80’s style blush is big in 2017! That’s right, no more subtle blush. Let that color really pop! Choose bright colors in red, pink and orange shades. Think Kenzo’s disco inspired spring show. Not only are the colors bold, but the blush is applied differently as well. Blush isn’t just for the apples of your cheek anymore; this trend has the bright coloring applied from your cheekbone, up around the edge of your eye to your temple. It’s not quite normal blush, not quite eyeshadow, but somewhere in between.

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Glitter lips

Glitter is quite simply the best. At some point in our lives we’ve all had a glitter purse, glitter wand, glitter crown, glitter scrunchy, glitter eyeshadow, and pretty much anything and everything we can find that contains glitter. Now, we can also have glitter lips. And yes, they do look as amazing as they sound. They’re also not as hard to wear as you might think. This bold look will add dimension to your lip color and is sure to get you compliments.


The colour pink

In 2017, pink isn’t just worn on Wednesdays.

Pink is a pop of colour that’s not quite neutral but still gives your face a fresh look. Again, the pink trend is a youthful look and will pair perfectly with your natural brows and a little lip gloss. Wear it on your lips, eyes or cheeks!

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Leave your contouring supplies in the bottom of your makeup bag and choose a cute and youthful look this year that’s sure to warm up your winter and keep you looking cool by the time summer comes!

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