4 Worst Mistakes to Avoid While Shopping for a Wedding Dress

posted by Chris Valentine

Whether you are looking forward to married life or booking the first bridal appointment, or you just want to know what the experience is like, finding ‘The One’ wedding dress is not so simple. After all, it’s every bride’s dream to walk down the aisle in a glamorous, gorgeous dress. This means that you need a dress that’s exactly you!

However, with the pressure and the numerous wedding dress options on the market, shopping for one can be a stressful experience – at the very least. Before you hit the shops, here are the worst wedding dress mistakes you should avoid.

Bringing Along an Entourage

It is understandable that the wedding dress you choose to wear is the most important one in your life, and it has to be extremely perfect. However, bringing along 10 people for dress shopping means that you are receiving 10 differing opinions, which makes it hard to arrive at a consensus. If anything, these differing opinions take you even further from what you really want.

When shopping the advisable number of people to bring along with you are two people – your mother or sister and a best friend. In most cases, they have your best interest at heart. Imagine wearing a big dress and random people say how beautiful it is on you, but you don’t like it.

Shopping Too Early or Too Late

Before you start shopping, it’s important you have a set date and venue so you can organize your time better. Since modern weddings are usually themed, it’s important that the venue matches your theme. Look into the venue and the type of wedding you want to have before you rush and make a deposit.

On the other hand, do not procrastinate! Many custom-made dresses take between five and eight months to make. While you can make a rush order with five months to the wedding day, it will cost you extra.

Looking at Discounts

It’s important that you are not tempted by that dreamy designer wedding dress that is on sale at 70 percent off – especially if they have an ‘only today’ tag. On the other hand, sample sales are plenty, but remember that you are purchasing a sample dress. The dress may have been tried on by numerous brides, is torn, stained, or damaged by the entire process.

However, don’t be discouraged, sometimes you will come across a beautiful gown at an amazing price point at sites like However, make sure that the gown is in a pristine condition before paying for it.

Trying on Too Many Dress Options

If you believe in saying ‘Yes to the Dress,’ you have undoubtedly observed the bride that tries on hundreds of outfits and doesn’t find the right one. Many brides have three to seven gowns to choose from, but if you have more than 10, it’s easy to get confused. In many cases, brides try on dress after dress without making commitments.

The commonest wedding gown mistake is not purchasing the gown once you’ve found it. The danger is that you will be overwhelmed, and may even forget what you were looking for in the first place.


Last, remember to make the wedding dress shopping experience as fun as possible. After all, how many times have you had the chance to be treated like an A-list celebrity just about to hit the red carpet with a stylist on tow? Try on different wedding dress styles because it’s just plain fun to picture yourself in this beautiful dresses.

Now that you know the most common wedding dress faux pas, start shopping today!

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