The 4 Most Essential Vaping Supplies That Will Make MacGyver Envy You

posted by Chris Valentine

There’s a reason why many of the people who vape use simple two-part e-cigarettes and pod systems from companies like V2 Cigs UK; it’s because uncomplicated e-cigarette designs require no tinkering or troubleshooting and rarely give the user any problem whatsoever.

For some people, though, vaping becomes more than just a less risky way of getting nicotine; it becomes a hobby. When vaping becomes a hobby, equipment inevitably increases in complexity – and the more complex your vape gear is, the greater the likelihood becomes that some random thing will unexpectedly go wrong.

Unless you happen to live in an area in which several vape shops compete with one another, it’s a pretty terrible event when your vaping device fails unexpectedly because it leaves you with two equally unattractive options. You can overpay for the necessary replacement part at your local vape shop, or you can purchase the part online and wait for shipping.

Luck favors the prepared, so let’s make sure that doesn’t happen by stocking your vaping tool chest with some necessary supplies. These essential vaping tools will make you feel like the MacGyver of vaping.

Rebuildable Head for Your Tank

In recent years, it has become increasingly common for manufacturers of vape tanks to offer rebuildable heads. It’s rare for the rebuildable coil to come with the tank – you’ll need to buy it separately – but it’s absolutely worth the few extra dollars. A coil can fail without warning, or it can develop a problem – such as a burned wick – that makes vaping completely unpleasant. If the coil happens to be your last one, that’s a pretty bad situation.

A rebuildable head works in exactly the same way as a standard coil, but you build the coil yourself. When it’s time to replace the coil, you’ll unscrew the coil from the rebuildable head, throw it away and build another coil. If you buy the rebuildable head from a well-stocked vape shop, you can grab a coil building kit at the same time. A good building kit will include all of the basic necessities for coil building, such as wire, cotton, ceramic tweezers, wire cutters and a coil wrapping tool. The kit will most likely include enough wire and cotton to build your first several coils. Although building a vape coil from scratch may seem a little intimidating, watching a few YouTube tutorials will get you up to speed quickly.

Resistance Tester

One of the most useful troubleshooting tools that you can buy for your vape gear collection is a resistance tester. A resistance tester for vaping is a battery-powered device with 510 threading. You connect any 510-threaded tank or atomizer to it and flip a switch, and the meter displays the resistance of the atomizer coil. A resistance meter can also tell you if a coil has a short, making it an incredibly useful troubleshooting tool when a tank doesn’t work as it should.

A resistance meter is also an essential tool for coil building because you should always confirm that the resistance of a coil is within the expected range before connecting the coil to your vaping device. All modern vaping devices have built-in short circuit protection, but wouldn’t you rather check the safety of your coils using an instrument designed for the task?

Battery Wraps

The lithium-ion batteries used for vaping store an incredible amount of power, and you don’t ever want to deal with a battery that enters thermal runaway due to a short circuit. If you use a vaping device with removable batteries, you’re responsible for ensuring that you handle the batteries safely. The first rule of safe battery usage is that you should never continue using a battery with visible damage. If a battery is dented or bulging, your only option is to recycle it.

You should also immediately stop using a battery with any sign of damage to the outer plastic wrapper – even if the damage is just a small tear. That’s because the enter outer metal surface of a battery is conductive and functions as the battery’s negative pole. The battery’s wrapper prevents metal from touching the battery’s outer surface and causing a short. A tear in the wrapper, in other words, is extremely dangerous. You must either fix the wrapper or stop using the battery.

It’s a good thing, then, that fixing a damaged battery wrapper is easy if you have some replacement battery wraps on hand. Battery wraps are made from heat-shrink plastic. In essence, all that you need to do is push the battery through the wrap and shrink the wrap in place with a low-heat hairdryer. There are many online tutorials that can assist you with this.

Backups for All Points of Failure

The more complex your vaping setup is, the more potential points of failure it has. You can drop your device, cracking the outer glass of the tank. You can run out of e-liquid while you’re still waiting for a shipment to arrive in the mail. Your device’s charging port can unexpectedly break. Even if you have a local vape shop with reasonable prices, it’s best to have a replacement on hand for every potential point of failure in case something goes wrong at an inopportune time. These are some of the spare parts that your collection of vape gear should always include.

  • A spare vape mod
  • A spare set of batteries
  • Replacement glass and silicone gaskets for your tank
  • Extra e-liquid
  • An extra USB cable or standalone battery charger

In addition to the gear mentioned above, these items can help to ensure that you’ll never have to stop vaping in the event of equipment failure – no matter what component of your vaping setup stops working. For your bottle of emergency e-liquid, it’s a good idea to use an unflavored vape juice or some other flavor that you won’t be tempted to use unless you run out of e-liquid and have no way to get more immediately.

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