Unique Gift Ideas for the Holidays

posted by Chris Valentine

We all have that one person on our Christmas gift list that is kind of an enigma.

Maybe it’s your quirky cousin who spends most of their time living out of a van travelling the country, or perhaps it’s your boyfriend’s dad who you’ve known for five years but the two of you have exchanged maybe ten words together in total.

The point is they’re either unpredictable or just plain impossible to read. You need to get creative with holiday gifts so you can really impress them and deliver something truly meaningful.

Like most people, you’re likely on a budget and a time crunch. Do you know where to find free contests and giveaways where you can enter online draws and sweepstakes?

To bring something unconventional to that mysterious family member this year, check out the soon-to-be favourite website that gives you the best online contests every single day.

Consider these exciting online giveaways. You could win unique gifts for everyone in your family!

Generous Ellen Show Gift Giveaways

Did you know that you can win prizes each month just by visiting The Ellen Show’s website? You can win gift cards, big cash prizes, and much more.

For example, last month participants could win a free five-year subscription to Netflix! Not only that, but there was also an opportunity to enter to see the Jonas Brothers on tour!

All you have to do is visit Ellen Tube Giveaways to see what prize packs are currently offered. Then scroll through and see what exciting contests you can enter to win big.

Innovative Drone Contests

Drones are still one of the hottest tech items out there, and they make for incredibly interesting and interactive gifts.

Drone manufacturing company Potensic recently offered customers the chance to win three drone prizes:

  1.  HD D80
  2. T18 with 2 battery
  3. Mini Drone A30W

Contestants then visited the Potensic Facebook page, posted a comment, and shared the contest details in order to be part of the contest draw.

If you really want to wow your family members with a special gift, consider not just your average drone, but with a drone that is waterproof.

SwellPro, the maker of the world’s best waterproof drones, also created a contest for lucky online fans last month.

Fans could enter directly via their site to win two Waterproof Drones: SplashDrone 3+ and a Spry.

Can you imagine what your quirky, travelling cousin could do with a waterproof drone in tow as they travel the country? It would be a gift that they’ll never forget.

Drone contests such as these and more are offered throughout the year. If you or your friends and family are technology wizards, don’t miss out these great opportunities for free products!

These contests and more can be found on your source for the best and current online giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes. You never know what you’re going to find with online prize packs, and the best part is — they’re free!

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