posted by Chris Valentine

Cigars are said to have been invented by the ancient Mayans. Archaeological discoveries dating back to the 10th century strongly support this claim. The fact that the majority and the best producers of this acquired taste are located in Central America, leaves little room to argue otherwise about its origin. The cigar has come along. Today it is a status symbol and an accessory for men particularly gentlemen with refined sensibilities. They are prized for their rich, complex flavor and the perception they create of the user. Most people want to venture into the world of cigars but don’t know where to start or how to choose.

Cigar newbies are often overwhelmed by the plethora of cigars available on the market. They do not know the composition of a cigar, the strength, where to buy, or which is the best to start with. Here are a few tips that will guide beginners.

Start With Smaller and Milder Cigars.

When trying something new and from the first time, it is always wise to start from the bottom and work the way up. Cigars vary in size, tobacco strength, make, and price. A beginner should consider these when starting. About tobacco strength, a beginner should choose a milder cigar, maybe even the mildest, and slowly move up until they finally figure out their preference. Going this way will reduce the chances of feeling the negative effects of nicotine common with stronger cigars. It is the best way to build tolerance and have a pleasurable and satisfying experience.

Buy From Recognized and Respectable Vendors, only.

This is a common mistake most cigar newbies make. It is very easy to fall for the temptation of buying a cigar from random people and places. This can and usually does backfire. Premium cigars should only be bought from recognized and respected vendors and stores. This ensures that the cigar is original, and in good condition. One can also buy cigars online. There are reputable online stores that carry some of the best cigar brands from around the world. Buying cigars from street hawkers, gas stations, and other random places is a recipe for disaster and an almost guaranteed disappointment for a beginner.

Choose A Well-Constructed and Preserved Cigar.

Seasoned cigar users know that the construction of a cigar greatly impacts and determines the flavor, condition, preservation, and pleasure to be derived from it. To get the best first-time experience, a beginner should have an experienced tobacconist choose a well-constructed cigar for them. A poorly made cigar will need constant touch us as it will keep falling apart. It will produce harsh and unpalatable flavors and the draw will be poor and unsatisfying. Also, the conditions under which the cigars are stored should be considered. A reputable store ensures the humidity is stable and constantly inspected. This ensures that the cigars do not develop mold, change color or begin to rot.


A beginner’s first experience with cigars should take off from scratch. The simplest, mildest, and most authentic cigars should be the first and obvious choice. As they build tolerance and work their way up, it becomes more enjoyable and they are soon able to pinpoint their preference.

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