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Hilarious Gifts for Your Dad This Christmas

posted by Chris Valentine

hilarious-christmasWhat do you get a man who has everything, or has the ability to buy himself whatever he wants? Trying to find that balance between sentimental and practical can sometimes prove to be difficult, meaning the holiday season may cause stress and mass chaos. Don’t fear, hilarious dad gifts are here!

Patriotic Socks

If you and your Dad voted for different candidates this political season, and happened to get into intense political debate at the Thanksgiving table, these American flag socks will be the perfect olive branch to extend for Christmas! While these may not be able to unite your family on the political front, they may help to alleviate some of that looming tension that’s leftover from Turkey Day. He will be able to bask in the Stars and Stripes glory for any occasion with these sweet puppies on.  Work, weddings, lounging around the house drinking a beer, are all moments where he can rock these bad boys!

Comedic Book

Sometimes Dad’s tend to disappear when it comes to cleaning up after the whole family leaves. Their room, the garage, and the bathroom are all places I recommend checking for him. If he is the type of escape artist that heads to the bathroom to hide, I would try slipping this book under the door. “How Not to Become a Crotchety Old Man” is a hilarious and informative book written by Mary McHugh. It will help your Dad to not become one of those guys that tells an inappropriate old man jokes. And with his company New Year’s party coming up it is perfect timing!

Slang Flashcards

Do you drop phrases around the Christmas tree that leaves your dad with a dumbfounded look? Do you whip and nae nae to celebrate a good dreidel spin and your dad just stares in disbelief? It’s time to fill him in. These slang flashcards will help your dad to be in the know this holiday season. He’ll finally know what you mean when you say, “Dad, you are going to kill it in that interview!” He will no longer assume that you think he is going to murder the interviewer. He will know that you are confident in his skills and that you know he will do great. BEWARE: these flashcards may cause your Dad to become cooler.

A Mug

Time. As it passes we get older and somehow develop an affinity for mugs. I’m not sure how it happens but it just does!  Every adult needs to have at least 5 mugs or else the world isn’t right, it’s just a fact. So why not make sure your dad is able to sport his love for you when he drinks his morning coffee (and saves the world). There are so many options out there but one of my favorites is the one that says “I love how we don’t even need to say out loud that I’m your favorite child”. It’s true, hilarious, and disses your siblings in a respectable, refined manor. Or just go for it and get him a mug with your face on it!

Beer Holster

If your Dad’s go to drink is a beer, but he also likes to participate in things where hang usage is necessary, then this gift is the perfect accessory to aid him in his beer drinking. Never again will he have to miss out on another activity because he is holding a beer. With a beer holster from TheHolstar.com he is set for whatever life throws his way. It can fit a can or a bottle, so whether your dad is into craft bottled beer, or the old standby cans of Coors or Budweiser, he is ready to go. It even comes equipped with a pocket on the back perfect for his cards (or cash since most Dad’s still carry dollar bills).

Don’t be afraid to just go for it this year! Let the memories be made, and the laughs roll in!

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